11 Tricks for Facebook Video Marketing to Drive More Traffic

This is how to go VIRAL on Facebook...

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Today, whether on Facebook or another site, social media video is becoming the standard. These films have a sizable audience given that Facebook has more than 1.9 billion monthly users.

Facebook video marketing is crucial for business promotion and establishes your online presence. Facebook is concentrating more on video content to be adjusted inside their algorithm and enabling things like auto-play in light of this fact. You’ll learn how to use Facebook video marketing in this article.

10 tips for Facebook video marketing

1. Facebook Live video is a trend

10 tips for Facebook video marketing

The amount of time spent watching Facebook Live videos has quadrupled since last year. According to Facebook’s study, people watch video material five times more frequently than static information.

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The use of Facebook Live has raised the bar. Your Facebook friends, followers, and subscribers are immediately notified when you go live.

Facebook video marketing appears amazing since it allows you to interact live with customers about your goods and services or a marketing campaign. They provide you with comments, recommendations for enhancements, or open praise.

2. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook rather than YouTube

Upload Videos Directly to Facebook rather than YouTubeAlthough YouTube films frequently receive views, simply posting to Facebook would increase the number of people who saw your social network video.

Facebook videos outperform those on other video sharing sites, which indicates a well-liked source. Aside from that, videos get a staggering 135% more organic search on Facebook than photos and other graphic posts.

Due to these realities, Facebook marketing videos are currently business owners’ most dependable allies.

Even better, the default auto-play function encourages visitors to stop by and watch at least 5–6 seconds of the movie when scrolling down and become engrossed in it without even looking for it.

You may gauge the success of your viral video using the view counter. You may utilize user behavior to better understand their wants and what you can do to entice them back to your site.

3. Keep your Facebook video short

Your Facebook Marketing video should be concise and clear, much like written material. A video that has intriguing and novel material has a chance of going viral. Without regard to a person’s cultural or geographic origin, they would be more popular if they were written in a commonly spoken language (like English).

Videos that are 2 minutes or less in length perform better than lengthier ones. However, make sure that the main points of your message are communicated inside that time range. Make the film so comprehensible and compelling that words will only serve to enhance it, not to describe it.

4. Shoot Facebook video vertically

Shoot Facebook video verticallyThe majority of Facebook users use their smartphones or tablets to watch videos. Therefore, while viewing a social network video on a mobile device, filming it in vertical mode is more aesthetically pleasant. Videos that are in portrait orientation (vertically aligned) perform better than horizontal ones. In light of this, be sure to make your new movies responsive to mobile devices.

5. Feature a Video on Facebook Page

Your Facebook marketing video may be added as a featured video, much like featured photographs on your Facebook page’s about page. When people enjoy your film, they continue to share it with their loved ones, whether it’s about something specific or not.11 Tricks for Facebook Video Marketing to Drive More Traffic

If your film is quickly shared by a huge number of people, it will make it popular and become viral. Make sure the video’s thumbnail is visible on your about page.

It can be used to advertise an occasion, introduce a good or service, or hint at some future surprises. More audience clicks will come your way as your page becomes more apparent.

6. Carefully choose thumbnail

Well! We just spoke about the Facebook video thumbnail. With a good and appealing thumbnail, your Facebook social media video will get more views.11 Tricks for Facebook Video Marketing to Drive More Traffic

The videos on Facebook might not automatically play when there is a poor internet connection; instead, a static picture will be shown. If your video has text, keep your ad content to no more than 90 characters in the thumbnail. To comply with Facebook’s 20% text limit, try to keep it as low as you can.

7. Leverage Facebook 360 Videos

Leverage Facebook 360 VideosUsers love the 360-degree films that Facebook introduced. Facebook introduced this tool with virtual reality in mind to enhance social engagement and communication.

Your viewers will be more able to relate to your tale and the experience you are sharing if you use a social media video that was created using Facebook’s 360-degree function. 360-degree movies produce the finest results while photographing events and capturing panoramic views.

These videos can be panned, rotated, and viewed at any angle the user chooses. Compared to conventional videos, they are adored by audiences 40% more.

8. Mobile friendly

Mobile phones attract more attention than other technology since they are the ideal companion to spend time when waiting for someone, traveling alone, or in a supermarket line.

Facebook marketing videos must capitalize on this fact. These films must be mobile-friendly, which calls for them to be condensed and pixellated-free aligned to fit any mobile screen size. Mobile-friendly advertisements provide the following features:

  • Even without music, the message is simple to comprehend.
  • The majority of the video focuses on the good or service.
  • The images clearly depict the brand.
  • The voiceover complements the images.

9. Posting time is important

It’s crucial to know when to publish your social media video on Facebook or another social media site.Posting time is important: Facebook Marketing idea

Different types of video material are seen by people from various backgrounds and occupations. You may have heard that business-related videos are best watched on Wednesdays.

There are tools available to examine the facts and determine the best moment to publish your Facebook marketing video. They may be used to help you choose when to post to increase audience.

10. Add call to action

It’s crucial to include a call to action in your video. Without a call to action, people may watch a video and then disregard it, losing the point you were trying to make.

You need to establish a foundation, so invite people to watch, share, and comment on your Facebook videos. You may even gently encourage them to go to your website and look at your offerings. To shorten the URL and point them in the direction of further information about your services, you may add a link utilizing gotgo.pro or bit.ly.

11 Tricks for Facebook Video Marketing to Drive More Traffic

11. Choose a suitable video creator

The secret to Facebook video marketing success is producing visually appealing videos. Therefore, you will need a good video editor to assist you. Today, there are several options for marketing, including Adobe Premiere Pro.

Final Verdict

If you employ the aforementioned ideas while making Facebook marketing videos, they’ll get more attention and fans. A key takeaway from this is that, if you aren’t streaming a live video, utilize a top-notch video editing program to make a really engaging video and watch your fan base grow exponentially.



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