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12 Best Kenyan Boda Motorbike affordable cheap Logbook Loans Providers

Logbook loans are a form of lending option offered to borrowers when a car or a motorcycle is put up as security.


Most, if not all, of the non-deposit accepting microfinance organizations in the nation offer car logbook loans, which are the most typical and well-liked credit product they offer.


Providers of such large logbook loans include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Platinum Credit Limited
  • Mwananchi Credit Limited
  • Ngao Credit
  • Jijenge Credit
  • Premier Credit
  • Progressive Credit

However, the majority of Kenyans have been wondering for a while now if there are any lenders that can offer loans against motorbikes (boda boda). See the response below.


Thousands of boda boda motorbikes travel the whole nation of Kenya. The bulk of the country’s youngsters who are unemployed now have jobs because to this.

Boda boda logbook loans are now a credit option to take into consideration. Just like automobile owners, boda owners occasionally require cash in an emergency to take care of problems.

Boda Boda Logbook Loan Providers.

Again, just like auto logbook loans, boda logbook loans are calculated as a percentage of the delivered motorbike’s current market value.


Boda logbook loan companies often lend up to 60% of the vehicle’s current value. The borrower may get up to kes 60,000 from a boda priced at kes 100,000.


The list of boda logbook loan companies in Kenya is shown below;

  1. Mogo Kenya – Call 0768 469 112
  2. Diversity MicroCredit LTD – Call 0730 020 000
  3. Kopesha – Call 0743 350 085
  4. Ngao Credit – Call 0709 650000
  5. Jijenge Credit – Call 0711282727 / 0702282727  / 0703 282727
  6. Mwananchi Credit – Call 0709 147000
  7. Fin Credit Limited – Call +254 20 3861673-5
  8. Meridian Acceptance Limited  – Call 0704 444888 / 0707 787787
  9. Africa Credit Limited – Email  Call
  10. Wezesha Credit Limited – Call 0796 580580
  11. KCB Bank – Call 0711087000 / 0732 187000 / 0720 287000
  12. Bidii Credit Limited- Call 0709 840000

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