200+ Catchy Candle Business Names

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Do you intend to launch your own candle company? Congratulations! This is a fantastic sector to work in.

Before you can start selling your candles, there are a few things you need to complete. One of them is coming up with a clever and memorable name for your company.


Because it will be one of the first things that potential clients notice, your company name is crucial. It ought to be simple to recall and inspire good sentiments.

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Here is a collection of 200 candle company names to get you started.

A Little Light Fancy Flames Once Upon a Time Candles
All Lit Up Fatty’s Candle Factory One for All, and All for One
Always Alight Flaming Scents Party Lights
Awesome Aromas Flicker & Flame Pathway Lighting
Booming Scents Fresh Scentsations Peaceful Wick
Brilliant Candles Fruit Loops Candles Primo Candlelight
Candle Camp Gingerbread Candles Righteous Flames
Candle Krazy Glow Worms Scented Treasures
Candle Power Happy Flames Seasonal Candles
Candle Queen Heavenly Aromas Smells Like Heaven
Candleland Illuminations The Candle Cottage
Candles and More In the Light Candles The Candle Point
Candles From Heaven Juicy Scents The Candle Shack
Candles Galore Just a Little Light The Candle Zone
Candles R Us Kiss the Frog Prince The Fiery Furnace
Candlestick Maker Lavender Candles The Genie’s Lamp
Cedarwood Candles Lemon Candles The Glow Room
Cinnamon Candles Lighting Emporium The Melting Pot
Coconut Candles Little Shop of Horrors The Waxy Way
Creative Candles Luminous Candles Wick-ed Scents
DeLightful Candles Meltdown Wick-ed Sensations
Dy-No-Mite Candles No Artificial Scents Wicked Candles


Lilac Candles Magic Candle Company Maple Candles
Moody Scents Mmm, Smells Good Nutty Scents
Orange Candles Patchouli Candles Peppermint Candles
Pineapple Candles Pumpkin Candles Raspberry Candles
Rose Candles Sandalwood Candles Sensational Scents
Strawberry Candles Sugar & Spice Candles Sweet Dreams Candles
Tropical Candles Vanilla Candles Warm & Fuzzy Feelings Candles
Watermelon Candles Wintergreen Candles Yummy Scents
All Wicks End As the Wick Burns Burning Desires
Candle Heaven Candle Junkies Candle Lovers
Candle Obsession Candle Passion Candle Power
Candleholics Anonymous Candletopia Captivating Candles
Creative Candles Decadent Candles Divine Scent Candles
Enchanting Aromas Exquisite Candles Fascinating Fragrances
Flaming Scents Fresh Candles Fruity Fragrances
Heady Scents Heavenly Aromas Herbal Bliss Candles
Illuminations Joyful Aromatherapy Lavish Candle
Luxurious Candle Magical Melts Magnificent Candle
Melt Away Candles Mouth-Watering Melts Mystic Candle
Optimum Aromatherapy Passionate Candle Lover Waxy Candles
Peaceful Place Aromatherapy Pleasing Aromas Quiet Aromatherapy
Relaxing Aromatherapy Romantic Atmosphere Candles Scent-sational Candles
Sensual Aromatherapy Serene Candle Sinfully Scrumptious Candles


Soothing Aromatherapy Stunning Candle Sweet Surrender Candles
Tantalizing Aromatherapy Tranquil Aromatherapy Tranquil Candles
Ultimate Aromatherapy Vanilla Bliss Candles Vibrant Candle
Wicket Scents Wisteria Candles Aroma Therapy
Blissful Scent Butter Rum Candles Cherry Blossom Candles
Cinnamon Stick Candles Coconut Lime Verbena Candles Eucalyptus Candles
All-Natural Candles Gardenia Candles Honeysuckle Canldes
Japanese Cherry Blossom Candles Lavender Chamomile Candles Lilac Candles
Lotus Flower Candles Magnolia Candles Mango Papaya Candles
Mulberry Candles Nag Champa Candles Orange Clove Candles
Peppermint Eucalyptus Candles Plumeria Candles Rosemary Mint Candles
Sex on the Beach Candles Spa Day Candles Strawberry Kiwi Candles
Sugar Cookie Candles Summer Breeze Candles Sun & Sand Candles
Sweet Pea Candles Vanilla Bean Candles Vanilla Sugar Candles
Watermelon Lemonade Candles White Tea & Ginger Candles Wild Berry Candles
Winter Wonderland Candles Grandma’s Candles Aroma Candle Couture
Artisan Candle Company Candleberry Company Colonial Candle
Country Scents Candles A Flicker of Hope Candles Aromatic Bliss
Soy Candle Delight Home Candle Designs Lovely Candle Co.


What Factors Can Influence Your Candle Business Name?

Your company name might be influenced by a wide range of various circumstances. Some important factors to think about are as follows:

  • Your Target Market: When choosing a name for your company, it’s crucial to keep your target market in mind. For instance, “Candle Emporium” rather than “Joe’s Candles” would be a better name if you’re going after a more educated market.
  • The Type of Candles You Sell: Your company name may represent your specialization in a certain kind of candle, such as soy candles or scented candles. For instance, “Scented Candle Shop” or “Soy Candle Company.”
  • Your Location: Your company name may indicate that you are based in a certain city or area. For instance, “San Francisco Candle Shop” or “New York Candle Company.”
  • Your Personal Preferences: In the end, it’s up to you to decide what to call your company. Therefore, if you have a certain name in mind that you believe is memorable and accurately describes your company, go for it!

These are just a few of the variables that may affect the name of your candle company. Spend some time thinking over a few potential choices that you believe would work for your company. After that, you may select your favorite and use it straight away.

What Should You Check Once You’ve Decided on Your Business Name?

It’s crucial to confirm that the name you’ve chosen for your candle company is accessible for use once you’ve made your choice. This entails performing the following checks:

  • If the domain name is available: In the modern world, it’s crucial to have a strong online presence, therefore you should confirm that the domain name for your website is available.
  • Whether the Twitter handle is available: Since social media is a fantastic tool for marketing your company, you’ll want to make sure you can obtain the Twitter handle for the name of your company.
  • If the company name has already been trademarked, you should check to be sure that it hasn’t been done so in order to avoid future legal problems.
  • After making sure that everything is in order, you may start utilizing your candle company name with confidence.

Use Business Name Generators to Help You Brainstorm

Try utilizing a company name generator if you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your candle business. You may limit down your possibilities and obtain some amazing ideas by doing this.

Ask Friends and Family for Help

Ask your friends and relatives for assistance if you are still stuck. They might come up with some brilliant suggestions that you hadn’t considered. Plus, brainstorming with others may be enjoyable. Start now and think about the ideal name for your candle company.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Starting a Candle Business?

It’s time to start considering the other elements of launching your business now that you understand how to come up with a fantastic name for your candle business. Here are some things to think about:

  • The type of candles you want to sell: You must choose the sorts of candles you wish to sell because there are many different kinds available. Find out which candles are most popular with your target market by doing some research.
  • The price point of your candles: You’ll need to make a decision on the price you’ll charge for your candles. Find a pricing that is competitive but yet enables you to turn a profit after doing some research on your rivals.
  • The packaging of your candles: You must choose the packaging method for your candles. This covers everything, from the labeling and branding to the sort of box. Make sure your packaging is appealing and accurately represents the caliber of your candles.

Just a few things to think about before launching your candle company are listed above. So take some time to consider how you want your company to seem, and then get going right away!

Final Thoughts

Starting a candle business is a terrific way to capitalize on the rising candle market. However, you must think of a fantastic name for your company before you begin selling.

To help you brainstorm and come up with the ideal name for your candle business, use the advice and suggestions in this article. Then begin right away by creating some candles!

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