4 Metrics to Assess to Measure Website Performance

Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina 2 Min Read
There are a great number of factors that determine the success of any website. But these 4 digital marketing metrics you should take care of every single day.

4 Digital Marketing Metrics to Assess a Website

1. Conversion Rate

That metric has a direct correlation with your overall online success. Monitoring your conversion rate on a daily basis will enable you to find out what works for your website best to boost your revenue.

2. Page Views per Visit

It shows how many people enjoy your website and how many web pages they look through before bounce or sign up.
Google judges you on the websites that link to you. The more quality and authoritative backlinks you acquire into your profile, the higher ranking you get.

4. Search Engine Queries & Landing Pages

It’s crucial for any website to realize where it ranks better for certain keywords, what queries get you more visitors, and how great are your landing pages at attracting and maintaining customers.


What’s all of that for? To boost your website’s performance and, more importantly, monetize your traffic!
To achieve the above, one should make sure they keep on blogging and following the Top blogging skills that every blogger requires. These skills include: knowing the topics that are best fit for your blog, writing effective articles on the website, optimizing your website and articles so that they can be ranked on Google and other search engines easily, and many other important skills. When the website is receiving enough traffic, one can start making huge income from the website and can even make it a primary source of income.
Website’s performance is directly proportional to blogging skills. A pro blogger is able to attract more visitors via SEO etc, and thus the four metrics above are achieved easily.

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By Kariuki Maina Kariuki Maina
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