6 Best Grammar Checker Tools: Ranked And Rated

Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina 20 Min Read

Are you trying to find this year’s greatest grammar checker? I’ve extensively examined the most well-liked grammar checkers and proofreading programs for bloggers, authors, content producers, company owners, and writers of all stripes. I’m a writer who likes tools.

For individuals who desire to create flawless letters, papers, presentations, or even social media posts, online grammar checker programs are helpful.

I’ve hand-selected the top grammar checkers for you in this post after thorough consideration. I’ve also covered the key features of the most recent grammar checker program. To help you get the most out of these grammar-checking tools, you’ll also learn some crucial proofreading strategies later on.

1. Grammarly

Pricing: From free trial available, then $29.99 per month

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Grammarly is a writing tool that offers you thorough writing criticism in addition to grammatical corrections.

In social media messages, emails, blog posts, essays, and even rough drafts of book chapters, you may use the Grammarly tool to proofread and check for grammar and spelling problems.

Key Features

Grammarly Keyboard.

The Grammarly extension or browser add-on functions as a grammar and punctuation checker in the WordPress editor as well. Online grammar and punctuation checkers are available. The Grammarly plugin also allows you to spell check your blog article as you type it.

If you’re a writer on a limited budget, Grammarly’s free grammar checker is perfect for you. You can use Grammarly free to check your emails, social media posts, and anything else you write online for mistakes by installing a plugin for your browser.

The commercial edition of Grammarly Premium includes punctuation, grammar, and spelling checks. As it offers additional writing insights and explains the causes of frequent grammatical errors, it is helpful if you wish to increase your understanding of English grammar.

In addition to grammar checks, Grammarly Premium:

  • Checks for readability
  • Corrects run-on sentences
  • Gives you suggestions to enhance vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Detects missing citations

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

  • Grammarly Premium monthly subscription costs $29.95 per month.
  • Grammarly Premium quarterly subscription costs $19.98 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95.
  • Grammarly Premium annual subscription costs $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95.

Grammarly also offers human proofreader services.

Depending on how fast you need the paper back, you can also send portions of your work directly to a human proofreader within Grammarly for a fee ranging from 0.02 to 0.12 cents per word.

Using Grammarly As A Grammar Checker

The Grammarly editor highlighted the spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes in my work in a sidebar. By scrolling down, I repaired each one individually. Additionally, it found and corrected any grammatical mistakes and punctuation mistakes that Microsoft Word had missed, such as passive voice writing. It is possible to write in this voice, but the result is less interesting to read.

Additionally, the Grammarly editor flags problems with sentence structure. Like previous programs for checking punctuation, it also suggested commas be added to the text, which Whitesmoke and Ginger disregarded.

In addition to grammatical and punctuation checks, the application offers a plagiarism checker that enables you to compare your article’s content with billions of other web pages to see whether it contains any unoriginal text.

Use Dupli Checker, a useful and cost-free application, to verify the originality of your material if you don’t want to pay. There is a maximum amount of content you can verify with Dupli Checker and all other free plagiarism detectors. In addition to being more accurate as a plagiarism detector, Grammarly is more faster! I gave Grammarly a thorough evaluation.


  • Simple to use
  • Strong online grammar and spelling checks
  • Excellent writing advice
  • Excellent writing support

  • Costly for aspiring authors
  • Grammarly Business’s personal dictionary and style manual are features.

2. ProWritingAid

Pricing: From free to $20+ per month

2012 saw the establishment of London-based software company ProWritingAid. This software program serves as your individual writing coach, grammar checker, and virtual writing teacher.

Since I finished writing this grammar checker review and making the aforementioned video, readers and commentators have asked me a number of queries regarding ProWritingAid. So I extensively evaluated this spelling and grammar checker.

Key Features

Microsoft Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Open Office, Final Draft, and even Scrivener are all compatible with ProWritingAid’s grammar checker. For Mac and Windows, you can download a desktop application, and for your browser, you can set up a plugin. Word and Google Docs plugins are also available from ProWritingAid.

The Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browser extensions may be used to proofread your work on any website, including Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Wattpad.

In a web editor, you may paste text and check it for spelling and grammatical mistakes. As an alternative, you might submit a document with your writing in it.

How Much Does ProWritingAid Cost?

ProWriting Aid offers a two-week free trial.

ProWritingAid is the cheapest grammar checker in this review.

The ProWritingAid online program preserved the original layout, including the font and color choices I had made, when I put my work into it. Grammar errors, spelling errors, and other suggestions were highlighted by the grammar checker.

I initially found the variety of reports to be overwhelming. However, as I clicked through each recommendation or error, they instantly made sense. Echoes was a feature that I enjoyed the most. This tool helped me find instances when I used certain terms and phrases excessively.

This function can help you become a better writer. Additionally, it pointed out several cliches in my work. This struck me as being especially helpful for fiction writers who seek to enhance the clarity and organization of their sentences.

If you write in more than one language or is learning English, the ProWritingAid premium edition I tested only supports British and American English.

These errors were found using Grammarly and Ginger, and the user interface wasn’t as refined. Writing for an audience in the eighth or ninth grade (a Flesch reading score of greater than 70%) is recommended for anybody who wishes to create content for the web, such as blog posts.

The good news is that ProWritingAid will assist you in determining the readability of your articles based on the Flesch Reading Score in addition to defining grammar standards. This is excellent practice for writing on the web.

Why are readability and Flesch scores important?

Web users, however, have a shorter attention span than print readers (see, a squirrel!). With ProWritingAid, it is quite simple to streamline and customize your blog article for this audience. Although the Yoast WordPress plugin also offers you this option, writing outside of WordPress makes advantage of it.

ProWritingAid Works With Scrivener

With the desktop version, you may edit typos and other grammar mistakes in ProWritingAid before saving your document back into Scrivener.

This function is ingenious. But before transferring to Vellum for self-publishing, I prefer to run the final exported books file from Scrivener via a grammatical checker. Additionally, I no longer use iA Writer to create articles like this; instead, I now solely use Scrivener for long-form writing.

In other words, depending on your writing process, your mileage may vary.

ProWritingAid premium is a good option if you’re on a limited budget and can’t afford the other premium grammar checkers in our review. Both fiction writers and those who use Scrivener frequently can benefit from it.


  • Affordable
  • Accurate
  • powerful reports that may be edited
  • Suitable for fans of Scrivener and fiction writers

  • Slower than Grammarly
  • No mobile version

Today’s two most popular grammar checkers are Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

3. Quillbot

Pricing: Free/$20 per month

Rohan Gupta created Quillbot, a tool for paraphrasing, in 2017. Grammar problems are detected and corrected using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It includes a strong grammar checker as well as other essay and academic editing tools. In comparison to Microsoft Word’s or Google Docs’ default grammar checker, it was more accurate in our testing. This grammar checker is available as an online application, a Chrome or Microsoft Word plugin, or both. There are no other plugins or applications.

If you want to swiftly and simply alter or paraphrase existing material, this is a fantastic option. Due to the additional tools that come with the membership, such as a citation manager and academic plagiarism checker, it’s a wonderful option for academics and essayists. However, because it lacks a writing aid, the grammar checker falls short of Grammarly.

How Much Does QuillBot Cost?

Quillbot offers a free trial, however there is a limited word restriction and not all of its functions are available. The monthly fee for the premium edition is $20.

4. Ginger

Pricing: $13.99 per month

Ginger was developed in 2007 by an Israeli firm, making it one of the most well-known spelling and grammar checkers available. Ginger, like Grammarly, provides free grammar and spell checking in addition to paid online proofreading tools.

Key Features

Installing a Chrome extension or any other browser extension is the easiest method to get going. It is also offered for sophisticated tools like Slack. It offers Windows and iOS applications. but not yet for Google Docs.

For Android, a keyboard is available. You may also paste portions of your writing into their online application. You may use it to fix your content in Gmail by using it as a punctuation checker.

Ginger displays the quantity of characters, words, and sentences in your content. The program also assists you in locating and correcting synonyms for often misused words like make. Grammar and spelling mistakes are indicated by Ginger by highlighting them in blue.

Similar to Grammarly, Ginger Premium finds more errors than the free grammar checker version and provides more information for grammatical errors. It contains sophisticated tools to check for grammatical rules like subject-verb agreement, for instance.

It’s interesting to note that Ginger can render portions of your work into 60 more languages, including Yiddish, German, and Spanish. Yes, Google Translate also does this important function of reviewing a document for grammatical errors and translating it within the same app.

Additionally, a virtual writing teacher who offers video grammar lessons and assessments is included with a Ginger Premium subscription. Those studying or writing in English for the first time should find this feature useful.

Since you can write in Yiddish, translate to English, and then grammar check your writing all inside Ginger, it is the perfect online grammar checker for authors who are not native English speakers.

The Ginger grammar checker also allows you to create a customized lexicon for terms you don’t wish to be flagged as errors. This could be intriguing to fiction authors who create characters with unique names for their novels.

How Much Does Ginger Software Cost?

  • A Ginger monthly subscription costs $13.99 per month.
  • A Ginger annual subscription costs $7.49 per month if you pay upfront.
  • A Ginger two-year subscription costs $6.99 per month if you pay upfront.

At the time this best grammar checker review was being written, Ginger was providing a 30% discount on its premium plans. A 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee is also available.

Ginger Review

I utilized the Chrome extension of this grammar checker program for this Ginger review. Ginger does not yet have a Mac desktop software as Grammarly does.

Ginger, like Grammarly, found all of my grammatical, spelling, and punctuation issues as well as those that MS Word missed. Ginger wasn’t as adamant, though, about my using commas consistently throughout the text.

It’s interesting that Ginger Premium overlooked a typo in one of my headlines. While you could ask if the spell-checker is up to standard, this specific error might be traced to a formatting problem.

Additionally, rather than checking for them on a sidebar, I had to use my mouse to hover over each and every instance of poor language and punctuation. As a result, I had to spend extra time editing my grammar. I know it’s a little complaint, but I’m a little fixated on workflows!

Like Grammarly, it also didn’t offer suggestions for bettering sentences. I also encountered numerous additional usability problems. I was unable to make this program function with my Mac workflow.


  • Ginger’s grammar checker program has a robust free version.
  • Because of the virtual writing coach and translation functions, it is beneficial for non-native English speakers.
  • A wonderful addition is a personal dictionary.

  • Hovering over grammatical errors causes self-editing to lag a little.
  • Several inaccuracies
  • A basic Mac application
  • There is no Google Docs support

5. Linguix

Pricing: Linguix Premium costs $18.95 per month or $96 per year

In 2018, Alex Buchmann, Vitaly Kukharenko, and Alex Lashkov developed Linguis, an AI-driven grammar checker. A writing coach, style manual, content templates, and shortcuts are among the important features it has that authors may find useful.

It has applications for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows as well as plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, just like the majority of top-tier grammar checkers. Plug-ins for Office are also supported. Linguix and Grammarly Business are similar primarily in that both are geared for a business audience.

It’s a fair amount accurate. However, according to certain reviews and usability tests, its writing helper falls short of Grammarly. If you need a cheap grammar checker, this is a wonderful option for your company.

6. WhiteSmoke

Pricing: From $5 to $11.50 per month

In order to market accessible online proofreading software for Mac and Windows, Whitesmoke Software was founded. You may use Whitesmoke to check your articles for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other areas. Budget-conscious authors and non-native English speakers can benefit from it. Errors in sentence construction are found.

Depending on the version you subscribe to, Whitesmoke operates in practically every browser, including Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. Apps for iOS and Android are also available for download.

A version of Whitesmoke called Essential can only be used with a web browser. The version of Whitesmoke Premium I used for testing has more support including applications for Windows, Mac, Gmail, and Microsoft Office.

The Whitesmoke version I tried for this best grammar checker review has a translator, albeit it only supports eight languages instead of 64 (yiddish is not included!). Additionally, Whitesmoke provides a number of templates for writing assignments, including cover letters, grant applications, thank you letters, and more.

One of the least expensive online proofreading tools I’ve included in this evaluation is Whitesmoke. The firm revamped its user interface in 2018 along with the Grammarly editor.

How Much Does WhiteSmoke Cost?

  • WhiteSmoke Essential costs $5 per month, billed as one payment of $59.95
  • WhiteSmoke Premium costs $6.66 per month billed as one payment of $79.95.
  • WhiteSmoke Business costs $11.50 per month billed as one payment of $137.95.

WhiteSmoke Review

Grammarly is more expensive than WhiteSmoke. It is also true (as you can see in my video comparison review). WhiteSmoke isn’t as quick or simple to use as Grammarly, though.

Similar to Grammarly, editing your papers requires an additional step of exporting the finished product to a text document. It is less expensive than Grammarly, similar to ProwritingAid. Additionally, you may download mobile apps, in contrast to ProWritingAid.


  • affordable, as long as you don’t mind making yearly payments
  • Accurate
  • comparatively simple to use
  • appropriate for companies

  • Grammarly’s user interface is inferior.
  • slow compared to Grammarly

These tools often offer free versions. They will repair the most frequent grammatical errors while having few features.

However, I advise using a paid tool to guarantee that you are able to identify sophisticated uses of passive voice, subject-verb agreement, and other challenging problems. Free versions may omit them. They are very challenging to find manually.

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