Convert Airtel Airtime to Airtel Money: how does it work?

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There is now an extremely straightforward method for sending money to loved ones anywhere in the world. Transfer funds quickly to an Airtel e-wallet using mobile money. Learn how to convert your Airtel Airtime into Airtel Money and find out everything you need to know about the service!

Airtel: service presentation

Indian telecommunications provider Airtel has operations in 17 nations, the majority of which are in Africa.

Prepaid mobile phones make up a lot of the phones on the Airtel network. This means that before they can make calls, send texts, or use their data, users must purchase airtime, also known as talk-time or mobile credit.

Typically, Airtel phone airtime is topped off with a scratch card or pin number, both of which can be purchased at local stores; however, this method is not always convenient.

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Airtel provides the option to directly receive funds on an Airtel Money wallet (without having to open a bank account).

Airtel Money is a safe electronic service that lets people who have an Airtel Money wallet use their mobile phones to store money, send and receive money, pay for things, and do a lot of other things.

Airtel Money accounts receive funds instantly. All that is required of you is to ensure that the recipient already has an Airtel Money account. You will need the Mobile Money number of the recipient.

Typically, transfers to a mobile wallet occur immediately, day or night. The transfer doesn’t require the recipient to travel to receive it.

The useful trick is that you can send and receive money across networks with Airtel Money. You can also send Airtel Money to subscribers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia directly to an Airtel Money wallet.

Airtel Airtime: top up your phone

Depending on the resources you have at your disposal and where you are, you can top up your Airtel phone credit in a variety of ways. Always check the available methods for topping up in your country.

You have two options for topping up your Airtel phone: either purchase recharge online using your credit card or simply:

  • Go to your authorized Airtel Money agent
  • Provide your original identification document, either an ID or Passport
  • Give him your phone number
  • Give him cash equivalent to the desired Airtel airtime
  • The agent sends you the requested Airtel airtime
  • Once the transaction is completed, you and the reseller will receive a confirmation SMS.

Airtel Money: send mobile money abroad

The method is determined by both your location and the country of the transfer recipient.

Kenyan customers of Airtel Money, for instance, can send money to Kenyan customers of Airtel Money in Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Malawi.

Customers who have registered with Airtel Money will be able to:

  • Dial *222#
  • Select Send Money
  • Select International Money Transfer
  • Select the country where money is to be sent
  • Enter the recipient’s mobile number starting with the country code (eg 250 for Rwanda, 255 for Tanzania, etc)
  • Enter Amount
  • Confirm details of transaction
  • Enter PIN
  • Select reason for the transfer and complete transaction.

The recipient will receive the funds in the currency of their nation.

How to convert Airtel Airtime to Airtel Money?

Can Airtel customers, particularly those who use mobile money services, exchange their airtime for cash? On your mobile money, Airtel does not have a feature that lets you convert airtime back into cash.

However, they also provide other reversal options, such as the erroneous purchase of airtime for a different number. Contact customer service on any of their available platforms, such as social media pages or by dialing 100 on your Airtel line, if you accidentally purchased airtime for another number.

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