How to Download Brightcove Video

copy the video URL from the code (should look like this: Paste that link into the new tab and hit enter

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Saving a favorite video for offline watching or personal use has apparently crossed your thoughts, whether you watch the majority of your videos on Netflix or on other video hosting platforms like Wistia or Vimeo.

However, there are occasions when you are unable to view the videos. Perhaps the cellphone signal on your commute is too weak, or your siblings are using up all the bandwidth on your internet connection, preventing you from watching in the preferred superb 1080p resolution.

Know how to download a private Vimeo video in 10 seconds!

I’ll describe a quick method to download Brightcove videos in this article. Brightcove, a well-known supplier of video hosting, is used by more than 5000 websites and hosts a large number of high-quality films. One of the greatest providers of cloud services for video is Brightcove, which was founded in 2004.

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Please be aware that all websites have some sort of policy; read all of them before continuing with this guide. It is prohibited to distribute copyrighted content without the owner’s consent.

Here is a brief guide on how to download Brightcove videos for your reference.

You’ll need a tool to combine all the video segments, you can download the free tool from here:


Mac: Unfortunately, this software is not available for the Mac OS but you can send me the link via the contact page, I’ll upload the video to my Gdrive for you 🙂

How to Download Brightcove Video

  1. Click on the share button
  2. Copy the embed code
  3. Now copy the video URL from the code (should look like this:
  4. Paste that link into the new tab and hit enter
  5. Open the developer tool
    Mac: Command + Shift + C Windows/Li nux: Control + Shift + C
  6. Select the Network tab and refresh the page.
  7. In the filter box type “m3u8” an hit enter.
  8. Copy the link which says “rendition” at the beginning
  9. Paste that link into the software provided
  10. Click on the download button to download the video

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