How to download Private Vimeo videos for free

Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina 2 Min Read

Today, I’ll demonstrate to you how I quickly download a private Vimeo movie.

And I accomplished this without the use of any tool (software, Chrome extension, or a video downloader)

I’ll walk you through the whole downloading procedure I employed in this article.


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The Problem

I have to watch a lot of lectures online as a student, and the strange thing about these lectures is that the videos stop working as soon as the course is complete.

As a result, it used to be difficult for me to review the notes since I always wanted confirmation on a few important topics.

My initial attempt involved recording the screen, but it was laborious and my phone’s battery would run out after three lectures in a day.

Additionally, because those spammy video downloaders collect personal information, I didn’t want to download them.

It’s also a good idea to capture your screen, but here’s what I observed: The file size of the movie was 2.52 GB when I recorded it in 1080p using a screen recorder, but it was only 990 MB when I downloaded it. So it is always preferable to download the video.

I so made the decision to address this issue one morning (my friends were also facing the same problem). I accepted the challenge, and after spending three hours searching through the source code, I discovered a completely functional method to download the videos!

Disclaimer: Always ask for permission to download the videos from your lecturer.

The Solution!!

Finding the video URL from the appropriate file and pasting it into your browser to save the movie was the issue’s straightforward solution. Prior to downloading the video, you may also choose the quality.

The same procedures may be used to download password-protected Vimeo videos.

You only need a browser to download Vimeo films, and the instructions are quite simple to follow.

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Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina Kariuki Maina
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