How to Download Wistia Videos

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Download a Wistia video

You need a reliable internet connection or an unlimited data plan to watch your preferred online videos. What then do you do in the circumstance that you have neither?

Don’t you want to download that movie to your phone or desktop computer so you can watch it whenever you want without an internet connection? Even I enjoy watching my favorite videos when I’m on the road.

The Best Method!

The best method is to just contact me your video URL and I’ll do the work for you 🙂

I’ll upload that videos to my Gdrive for you so that you can download them directly from there, HASSLE-FREE!

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Many websites, mostly e-learning websites, utilize the Wistia video player, and it is quite unpleasant to have to stop watching a module midway through due to a bad wifi connection.

To download Wistia movies, you may utilize a variety of free browser add-ons and programs, but I’ll be honest: I’m never sure whether to trust them when I have to install them since they can be hiding malware and adware.

To download Wistia videos, you don’t require a Wistia video downloader.

I’ll show you how to download a Wistia movie in this article without the use of any programs or browser add-ons.

Disclaimer: Every website has a policy governing the downloading or saving of its videos; I advise you to review their regulations before downloading any films.

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Wistia video download

  1. Open the webpage where the video is embedded
  2. Right-click on the video and select “Copy link and thumbnail”
  3. Paste it into any text editor
  4. Copy the “wv=code” E.g. wv=r5z9uhbfs1
  5. Paste the code at the end of this URL:
  6. Copy the entire URL and paste it in the URL tab of your browser and hit “Enter”
  7. If you are using Mac, press “ Option+Command+U ”
  8. If you are using Windows, press “Ctrl+U”
  9. Find a link that ends with a “.bin” extension (nearby line number 65)
  10. Replace the “.bin” extension with “.mp4”
  11. Paste the link in the URL tab of your browser and hit “Enter”
  12. Right-click the video and select “Save Video As”
  13. Name the file and save to the desired location


Wistia Downloader

You don’t actually need a program to download Wistia videos; all you need to do is follow this straightforward instructions. Additionally, I advise against using any downloaders because they are not completely secure and may gather your data; it is always preferable to directly download the videos.

Wistia Downloader Chrome

Once more, physically downloading movies from Wistia is the best option. Alternatively, email me and I’ll send you the download link.

Wistia to mp4

The Wistia videos may easily be converted to MP4 files. The videos are in.bin format by default, so all you have to do is swap out.bin for.mp4 when downloading.

Wistia video URL

To obtain the Wistia video URL, just right-click the video and choose Copy link and thumbnail from the menu that appears. Use any current web browser to complete this, excluding Safari. You may paste the copied URL and thumbnail into any text editor and then proceed as directed by the lesson above.

You may always write me if you have any concerns or run into any problems with the procedure, and I’ll be pleased to assist you.

That’s it! You’re all set to watch the Wistia videos wherever and whenever you want.

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