Essay About Critical Thinking: Top 5 Examples And Prompts

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Our capacity for reasoning is referred to as critical thinking; if you’d want to create an essay about critical thinking, the examples and writing assignments provided here will be of assistance.

Critical thinkers are able to see errors in thinking and comprehend links between ideas or viewpoints. Because they thoroughly challenge ideas rather than taking them at face value, they are also better able to detect, evaluate, and solve issues in a methodical manner. No one can, however, constantly exercise critical thinking. Our capacity for reason is influenced by our feelings, beliefs, and state of mind.


You should read the following examples to better understand how critical thinking relates to our daily lives:

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1. The Value Of Teaching Critical Thinking By Kenny Ward

“Critical thinking helps you to imagine yourself in others… and to develop your ability to listen to them with an open mind, even if their views are contrary to you.”

The necessity of teaching critical thinking is discussed in Ward’s article. Critical thinking entails a deeper self-awareness. You’ll be able to accept your errors and grow from them if you do this. Because you will be able to put yourself in their shoes, you will also be able to relate to others around you better. Through critical thinking, you’ll learn to put your thoughts above your feelings.

2. How Positive Thinking Relates To Learners By Jeanne Morales

“Metacognition… makes me think that I don’t really have all the answers to the world, and need to keep on exercising my brain to capture knowledge, and progressively start increasing my learning, because there is a lot of stuff out there, to not be ignorant and learn.”

Morales talks about the fact that although students like having “free time,” they don’t use it to challenge their minds. She also shows how the uncontrollable use of technology by pupils nowadays has a negative impact on their ability to study.

Students must be cognizant of their learning, open-minded, and curious in order to get information. According to the author, asking questions helps someone gain information. In order to minimize distractions, Morales finds it best to concentrate on a single task. Because when someone multitasks, especially a student, their focus becomes split and they take longer to complete their work.

3. Barriers To Critical Thinking By Olga George

“To overcome this, we can try to not rely only on the first thing you hear and to do our research and ask questions when needed to gather more information.”

The obstacles to George’s critical thinking are discussed in his article. He relies on mainstream media, which has its own agenda, therefore that is the first obstacle. This is a risk since they may purposefully disseminate false information to their advantage. Since data may be faked via the internet, it is also untrustworthy.

The lack of knowledge or specifics regarding a report or piece of information is the second obstacle he mentions. He explains that a critical thinker finds it challenging when there is insufficient information. Lack of knowledge might lead someone to draw the incorrect conclusions about a certain tale or incident.

4. The Difference Between Creative And Critical Thinking By Eduardo Ortega

“When you are thinking creatively, you are generating a new set of ideas… When you are thinking critically, you are making choices from ideas someone has already created.”

In his article, Ortega examines the differences between creative and critical thinking by using pertinent quotations and examples.

He views creativity as the act of developing, inventing, or bringing to light new possibilities. Thinking creatively requires being open and free of judgment. Critical thinking, in contrast, focuses on concepts that you have already created or that you have already chosen from. Therefore, analytical, judgmental, and selective thinking are necessary for critical thinking.

5. Critical Thinking Philosophy By Anonymous On Cram.Com

“I have learned that one of the most important aspects of critical thinking is to decide what you are aiming to achieve and then make a decision based on a range of possibilities.”

Critical thinking, according to the author, is the capacity for reasoning and active learning. He encourages others to do the same and uses it as a critical stage in his decision-making process. He also says that people might make use of their “wasted time” by exercising critical thought.

7 Questions Regarding Critical Thinking

The following seven writing prompts will help you get started on your next essay.

1. What Is School’s Role In Developing Critical Thinking?

Since critical thinking is a skill that can be learnt, schools are largely responsible for helping kids develop this skill. You can explain why educators should pay attention to kids’ critical thinking in your essay.

Add any current procedures that schools use to advance their students’ mental processes next. Then, because it can have a big influence on their future decision-making, they should talk about how to help their students build their analytical abilities.

2. The Relationship Between Ethics And Critical Thinking

While critical thinking helps us make a decision that is reasonable, ethics or morals assist us in making a choice that is morally right. Write an essay arguing that ethics are necessary for critical thinking and vice versa. Write about their connection and explain why. You can also give instances by relating your own insights or experiences.

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3. Leaders In Unifying And Dividing A Country

If you’re writing an essay about critical thinking, you shouldn’t limit your discussion to its definition. You might display your critical thinking skills in this challenge by showcasing your political acumen.

It doesn’t have to be contentious or very technical. You can choose leadership traits that you believe will either unite or split a nation. You may, for instance, identify current issues and suggest fixes that a leader with a certain attribute can comprehend and offer.

4. Critical Thinking In The Medical Field

Critical thinking is a skill that is highly regarded in the medical industry. People that work in this sector deal with life. It’s a fascinating challenge that will help you assume a professional role and provide your readers a chance to comprehend your points of view.

Put yourself in the shoes of a doctor who must decide whether to save the woman or the unborn child. How would you use critical thinking in this situation? Which among the hospital’s policies, the law, his family’s requests, etc. should he give priority to?

5. Critical Thinking, Decision Making, And Stress Management

Since many readers will be able to relate to your topic, writing an essay about the connection between critical thinking, decision-making, and stress management might be interesting. How can stress impact critical thinking? When we’re under pressure, should we make decisions?

You can persuade your readers that it’s important to consistently improve one’s critical thinking abilities by using this challenge.

6. The Effect Of Social Media On Critical Thinking Skills

Many people spend the majority of their time on social media as a result of the pervasive digitization of today. This question allows you to talk about whether social networking site use and deteriorating critical thinking abilities are related. then describe how to prevent this.

7. Barriers To Having Critical Thinking Skills

Given that critical thinking is a skill that can be acquired with regular practice, why do you believe certain people, although being extremely intelligent, did not develop to the level of a critical thinker? Write about potential roadblocks to developing critical thinking abilities and describe how they got to be obstacles.

Here’s a hint: Simplify the essay-writing process if it sounds like a lot of work. Instead, write a straightforward essay with 5 paragraphs.

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