How an Instagram Influencer Can Get More Followers in 2022

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The more followers you have, the more influential you appear to be in the world of social media. And even though trust score and personality are more important factors in influence than follower count, influence is still more likely to grow as your following increases.

We’ll look at a number of practical techniques to grow your Instagram following in this article.

But before we get started, it won’t be enough to explain that if you want to draw in more followers, your Instagram profile needs to appear good. A concise, optimized bio, aesthetically pleasing information, and a profile photo are essential.

Free Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Cross-promotion on other social media and sites

On other social media, mention your Instagram account. You can also link to other posts and your bio on these sites in the comments. Create an exciting post and list the advantages to encourage visitors to visit and follow you on Instagram in order to draw viewers to your profile.

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IGTV videos and Reels

Long videos up to an hour long can be posted on Instagram. So you may make interesting videos for Instagram, hold Q&A sessions there, post vlogs about your life, and more.

Additionally, Instagram supports influencers who use its own new content platforms, such Reels or IGTV. However, it’s crucial to note that you shouldn’t submit your TikTok movies to Reels in their current state because Instagram would find that offensive. Rather, publish a brief video to Reels first before moving on to TikTok. You should select sites that handle TikTok video downloads without adding a watermark if you wish to download your own videos.

Hashtags and location tags

They will aid in your high discoverability, enable you to appear on the Explore tab, and ultimately draw new followers to your profile. However, it only functions if the hashtags are pertinent to your content. Users who are looking for what you have to say can simply find you because of this.

Use low-frequency tags (fewer than 10,000 posts) or medium-frequency tags (between 10,000 and 500,000 posts). A few high-frequency ones are also feasible, but avoid using them excessively to avoid getting shadowbanned.

You can draw people who are nearby by using a geotag. As a result, it is more likely that “neighbors” won’t pass by and follow you. Additionally, geo-tags, like hashtags, allow viewers who are looking for content in this place to see your post; these users are undoubtedly interested in local content.

QR codes

Save your QR code and display it on your business cards, your vehicle, or any other visible location. You’ll therefore attract more people. Just visit the area with the QR codes, save it, and print it.

Tagging other Instagrammers and yourself

In a picture or a tale, ask your friends to include you as a tag. You should follow suit. Your page is more likely to receive visits from the person who tagged you in their followers. Additionally, a company or other influencer you tagged may visit your page and share your material, bringing their audience to your account.

Commenting, liking and following


To swiftly reply and have time to check in while the post is still drawing in new viewers, find influencers or companies that have your target demographic, comment on them, and enable post alerts. People enjoy subtle humor, so use it in your remarks. Respond to other users’ comments in addition to the post itself to attract additional attention.

Liking and following

The method’s fundamental step is for you to follow users and like their posts. That easy! What comes next is discretionary. But they shouldn’t be random accounts; rather, they should be aimed at your target market and have a following that is comparable to or even lower than your own. Users are likely to visit your page and even follow you in response when they get likes alerts on their screens.


Consider holding a competition for your fans. Make a gift offer and provide participation requirements. By doing this, you’ll enhance your followers’ engagement and draw in more. The offer shouldn’t go for too long, but everyone who wants to participate should have enough time – 5-7 days should be plenty.

Keep in mind that the award you provide should be appropriate for your target market and specialty. Generic rewards like iPhones draw an unrelated audience to your profile who, when the offer is over, will harm your engagement, reach, and page as a whole.

Diverse and engaging content

Be sure to follow the most recent Instagram trends. You might be able to participate in a flash mob or viral challenge of some type. Keep track of the posts made by well-known influencers in your niche.

On the Explore page, you may see popular posts, so even if you manage to get onto the page, your reach will grow naturally.

Remember to include a call to action at the conclusion of each post to encourage readers to “like,” “follow,” or “comment” on it.

Don’t forget to post tales! It is among the most captivating Instagram content categories. Many people watch stories more frequently than they browse through the feed on Instagram because of the unfavorable post feed. So be sure to offer some material in the form of tales.

Use various story stickers, including polls, questions, tests, countdowns, and so on.

Live streaming is yet another effective strategy for growing your audience. You amuse your existing fans while gaining new ones via live broadcasts. Live streaming is a fantastic method to interact with your viewers, share interesting life experiences, and respond to comments.

Instagram will allow you to store the stream after it has ended so that those who missed it may watch it later on IGTV.

Despite the fact that Instagram is a visual social media site, occasionally using intriguing captions might benefit you. Don’t be afraid to share anything in the captions if you are an expert in a particular topic or simply adore it deeply.

But keep in mind that good visual material (pictures and videos) is still essential. Success depends on being consistent. See how your audience responds as you choose your perfect publishing frequency. Keep in mind that individuals follow countless different groups, companies, and influencers. As a result, you must consistently remind the audience of who you are.

Regular blogging will also expand the audience for your profile. As a result, organic account growth will also progress.

SFS (shoutout for shoutout)

You may begin doing SFS once you’ve amassed the first 1000 followers on Instagram. Why not fewer than 1,000? Because if you have fewer followers, it’s doubtful that other bloggers and their readers will find you intriguing. Some people claim that this strategy is no longer effective, but I frequently see influencers using it to expand their followings on Instagram.

Find a blogger with a comparable readership and number of followers, and offer to feature them on your site in exchange for them doing the same. This collaboration is free for you because the blogger is not yet a significant influencer in their own right; influencers with larger followings would undoubtedly demand payment for the promotion.

Flash mobs and challenges

Don’t be afraid to participate in any marathons or flash mobs you see on Instagram. You are able to express yourself and expand your page through these online gatherings. Your chances of gaining new followers grow if your material becomes popular.

AR masks

Instagram eventually enabled the creation of AR effects for everyone, including companies, influencers, and everyday users, a year ago.

Bloggers may now design their own entertaining augmented reality masks. AR masks often become viral, allowing even aspiring influencers to get new fans.

The only requirements are some free time and some knowledge of Facebook’s Spark AR Studio. Influencers like Jesse Golden and model Frida Assen are among those who have already joined the bandwagon.

Special third-party services

Utilizing automated processes or hacking services is the quickest approach to increase your Instagram following. This might serve as a catalyst for the account’s growth while you’re just getting started. However, only use services you are confident with, and stop using them as soon as Instagram asks you to.

You will be able to access the feed of individuals who are interested in the material you provide with the use of targeted advertisements. Targeted advertising is a complex subject that cannot be briefly summarized.

Influencer marketing

Even if you want to become an influencer yourself, you shouldn’t discount influencer marketing as a means of advertising.

People are more trustworthy. As a result, bloggers are taking the place of the traditional advertising that consumers are sick of. Influencers attract a sizable audience to themselves and use their postings, stories, and live broadcasts to sway people’s opinions, actions, and decisions.

On thematic community sites, in addition to influencers, you can purchase sponsored publications. These can be accounts with memes, pages with motivational quotes or humorous videos, accounts that focus on one particular activity, such as an art page, a fashion page, a page for up-and-coming bands, etc. Modelblog, IllustratorBee, Classy Street Wears, etc. are few examples.

Such communities often cost a lot less than Instagram influencers, and their reach and ER are also significantly lower. Check such accounts for bots and ghost followers before you buy advertisements on them.

Wrapping Up

You now know a lot of practical techniques to expand your Instagram following. Instagram growth is a difficult endeavor, to be sure. If you want to become an influencer, you must devote a significant amount of effort to maintaining your Instagram presence. Your secret to success is a mix of the aforementioned strategies.

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