How To Generate a PRN For your Uganda Revenue Authority Payments Online

A PRN which is short for Payment Registration Number is a unique auto-generated number used in processing payments.

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If you have ever paid for school tuition, fees, taxes, or any other connected expenses in the bank, you have definitely encountered a PRN. We’ll look at how to create a PRN via the URA Web site as part of the self-service capability. PRNs are used to process payments.

All payments for URA taxes made using POS systems like Pebuu, Payway, and mobile money must be made using a PRN. Visit the Uganda Revenue Authority website and register a payment in order to get a URA PRN.

What exactly is a PRN?

Payment Registration Numbers, or PRNs, are one-of-a-kind numbers that are produced automatically and used to process payments. In order to link the allocations on the payment form to the actual payment received, each payment form is pre-populated with a distinct payment reference number, or PRN.

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

You may proceed without creating an account or logging in. You can still use the site to access these e-services, but all you will need to do is provide your accurate biodata. Consequently, let’s begin;

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  • Visit the URA Web Portal
  • Below eServices, Click on Payment Registration

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

  • Click NTR, then fill in your bio-data

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

  • Enter Details of Tax Type
  • Please leave the default third option on the Payment Methods (as it applies to most users). Alternatively, you can select another method of your choice.

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

  • Enter Captcha data & accept; Be sure to have everything right as it will prompt you to re-enter them.
  • If everything is right, you will be auto-redirected to a page containing your payment slip. Download it to fully view details

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

  • You can find the PRN as highlighted below;

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal

Under these two alternative PRN possibilities in the eServices/Payments area, you may also make a note of the search code number for future use or in case you need to reprint the slip.

How to generate a PRN on URA Portal


We may infer from the dropdowns that not all services are available at this time; driving permits and licenses predominate, and I anticipate that additional services will be added in the future. I sincerely hope you now know how to produce your own PRN, handle payments, or pay taxes to the government in any bank of your choosing.

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