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Microsoft has planned for Clipchamp to be a part of the Microsoft 365 suite ever since it was acquired. Additionally, Microsoft appears to have found the ideal balance between free and paid Clipchamp plans after integrating it into the suite and testing a variety of pricing options for it for a year. But what happens if you want free access to premium features?

The Video Editor app is still available, but Clipchamp has taken over as Windows’ default video editing app with the Windows 11 22H2 update. There are a few options available to you if you have already begun using Clipchamp and are interested in its premium features without actually purchasing its full-featured paid plan. The free Clipchamp premium method is as follows.


Clipchamp Plans

Clipchamp offered four plans, ranging in price from $0 to $27 per month, prior to the acquisition and up until a little while later. These plans were called Basic, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum. Additionally, the basic (free) version made it impossible for users to export in 1080p, which was extremely disappointing for novice editors.

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Fortunately, all of that has been addressed as a result of extensive feedback. Not only have the plans changed, but you can also save videos in 1080p with the free version. There are only two Clipchamp plans available at the moment: the Free plan and the Essentials plan, which costs $11.99 per month.

Clipchamp Plans

The Essentials plan lets you use premium stock media, filters and effects, content backup, and a brand kit to manage logos and colors in addition to the watermark-free and 1080p exports that are also available to free users.

Some people might not be interested in the paid plan’s additional content. However, if you enjoy Clipchamp’s offerings, you can always try something else.

Microsoft 365 users can access Clipchamp’s premium filters

Clipchamp is still a new video editor for the majority of Windows users, so it hasn’t yet taken over the world. However, users who have jumped on the bandwagon might also want to check out premium content. However, not everyone may appreciate the $11.99 per month cost of the content.

That’s where some of the additional deals and offerings come in. Clipchamp has recently been included in the Microsoft 365 suite by Microsoft. Microsoft 365 subscribers can take advantage of this offer to gain free access to premium features like effects and filters.

Clipchamp premium filters and effects list

Here is a list of the filters that you will get with a Microsoft 365 subscription:

  • Warm countryside
  • Pastel dreams
  • Winter sunset
  • Cool tone
  • Sunrise
  • Dreamscape
  • Soft B&W
  • Cool countryside

Additionally, you will also unlock five effects (or transitions):

  • Digital glitch
  • TV interference
  • Liquid swirl
  • Fire
  • Liquid drops

These additional premium effects and filters will be the only items included in the Microsoft 365 premium package for subscribers. The Brand kit’s premium images, audio, and video stock, logo, fonts, and colors, as well as the capability to backup content, will continue to be behind the paywall of the Essentials package.

Only these premium Clipchamp effects and filters differentiate the Microsoft 365 plan from the free basic plan. However, given that Microsoft planned to integrate Clipchamp into the Microsoft 365 suite at the time of the acquisition, it is highly likely that additional features will be added and unlocked for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Chromebook users get Clipchamp premium for 2 months

Additionally, Clipchamp has partnered with Chromebook to offer free premium features to Chromebook users. Using a code, you can unlock this two-month offer. Therefore, you are also in luck if you recently purchased a Chromebook. For instructions on how to activate your extended free trial for two months, see the section that follows.

How to get Clipchamp premium for free [2 ways]

As previously stated, you can obtain Clipchamp premium for free in either a Microsoft 365 subscription or a Chromebook-specific code. The free Clipchamp premium method is as follows.

Method 1: With Microsoft 365

Simply logging in with a Microsoft 365 subscription-based account is all that is required to gain access to the premium effects and stock media that are included in the Microsoft 365 package for Clipchamp.

The premium package will be unlocked once you log in, and the changes will appear on Clipchamp’s pricing plans page.

Alternately, if you want to upgrade but do not currently have a subscription to Microsoft 365, you can purchase one on the  Microsoft 365 website .

How to get Clipchamp premium for free [2 ways]

The subheading “Video editor with premium filters and effects” mentions the Clipchamp premium offerings. They are not mentioned in any other way prior to the purchase.

How to get Clipchamp premium for free [2 ways]

However, the same can be confirmed in the future from the Clipchamp upgrade page. Your access to the Clipchamp premium package will be granted once the subscription has been activated.

Method 2: With Chromeperks (for Chromebook users only)

Chromebook users can use a code to get their extended free Clipchamp trial for two months:

Chromeperks | Clipchamp Code Link

  • Follow the link above and select the Get perk option located under “Clipchamp.”
  • Log in to Clipchamp with an existing account or create a new one.
  • Select “Upgrade.”
  • Choose the plan to test out for two months for free.
  • Finally, select your method of payment on the payment page, apply the Chromeperk code provided to you, and click Continue.

Your extended free Clipchamp trial for two months will now be active.


Here are some frequently asked inquiries regarding Clipchamp and its free offerings.

Is Clipchamp free forever?

Clipchamp has consistently had a free arrangement that works for anybody with a record. Considering that it has now turned into Windows’ default video manager application, it will stay free assuming Microsoft believes individuals should utilize it thusly.

How do I export my 1080p Clipchamp for free?

Your video can already be exported at 1080p for free with Clipchamp. Select 1080p by clicking the “Export” button next to the preview window.

When Microsoft first started promoting Clipchamp, this option wasn’t available. Microsoft had to agree to the change after receiving a lot of complaints and outcry from users.

Is Clipchamp free with Microsoft 365?

On Clipchamp, there is a lot of free stuff that can be used. Microsoft 365 grants them access to a limited number of additional premium filters and effects.

How do I remove a watermark from Clipchamp?

When videos are created with a free Clipchamp account, there are no watermarks. Previously, it was a premium feature to export videos without a watermark. However, it appears that is no longer the case.

We hope you now know how to free download Clipchamp premium. Microsoft 365’s free basic plan includes more premium content, and Chromebook customers can use Chromeperks to get a free two-month trial.


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