How To Increase Fuliza M-Pesa Loan Limit

Kariuki Maina
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Fuliza Limit Increase Hack. Raise the Fuliza limit to 100, 000 in 30 days.
All Safaricom customers can access the Fuliza M-Pesa service via Mpesa. Customers can use this overdraft option to finish transactions while paying with M-Pesa for goods or services.

You must have used Safaricom for more than six months in addition to utilizing M-Pesa in order to use Fuliza.

Fuliza limit can range from Ksh 0 to the maximum amount that the Mpesa wallet can store, as determined by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

Any Safaricom SIM card has this loan service. All you have to do is download the Mysafaricom app or dial *234# to activate the service and choose to participate.

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You’ll receive a borrowing limit after registering for Fuliza services. Each customer’s loan limit varies significantly. This is influenced by a number of variables, including the customer’s credit score and other Safaricom service consumption.

One client may receive a fuliza loan limit of, say, 5,000 kes, while another would receive a fuliza loan limit of, say, zero kes at first.

In the aforementioned illustration, the client with a kes 5000 loan limit can pay or transmit up to the same amount even if there are no shillings in their Mpesa account. If there is any money in the other customer’s Mpesa account, that is all that may be spent as he has no Fuliza limit.

The benefit of a loan increase is the nicest element of taking out online mobile loans. You may begin by taking out a loan for, say, $1,000. This sum is anticipated to increase over time as you borrow and repay loans, as is usual.

It is possible, nonetheless, for the borrowing limit not to rise. Why? The purpose of this post is to help you avoid certain mistakes so that you can benefit from a Fuliza loan limit increase.

What Safaricom Recommends to Easily Increase Your Fuliza Loan Limit.

The following actions are advised by Safaricom, the company that offers the Fuliza Mpesa overdraft loan service, to benefit from increased loan amounts:

  1. regularly use Safaricom Services, namely Mpesa.
  2. Make careful to make timely loan payments.

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