How to Install Nulled WordPress Themes and Reasons to Avoid them

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It’s quite easy to install a nulled WordPress theme on your website and I’m going to teach you to do this in just a few steps.
Nulled templates are broken license versions of premium themes that are sold at a lower price or for free.

What’s a nulled theme?

Installing a nulled WordPress theme on your website is really simple, and I’ll show you how to accomplish it in just a few simple steps.
Nulled templates are discounted or free copies of premium themes with cracked licenses.

Why use nulled THEME?

Advantages of using nulled themes

  • Cheap price
  • Best for testing purposes
  • No license key required
  • You can resell it if you want
  • You can use to as many websites as you wish

Disadvantages of using nulled themes

  • No future updates
  • You have no license and can face issues with the theme and there’s no support to solve it
  • Cheap is sometimes expensive

Best websites to Download free Nulled Website Themes or scripts

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and others.

How do I install nulled WordPress themes and plugins?

  1. Visit Themes or Plugins on the WordPress dashboard
  2. Upload the Theme(for themes) or the plugin (for plugins)
  3. Wait for it to complete upload
  4. Activate the Theme or Plugin.

How to Install WordPress Premium nulled theme (Video)

8 Reasons to Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

You might be inclined to look for inexpensive solutions wherever you can because creating and maintaining a website can be very expensive. The issue with nulled WordPress items is that you eventually lose quality for the money you save (and, potentially, money). The following are some ways that using nulled plugins and themes might hurt your website:

1. Nulled themes and plugins are a security risk.

This should be the main takeaway from the article: Using nulled WordPress themes and plugins can seriously jeopardize the security of your website.

Because developers can do whatever they want with a nulled product, they frequently add malicious code, such as spammy links, redirects to questionable websites, a backdoor that allows unauthorized access to your data, or malware that could steal sensitive data or even bring down your entire website. There are practically no limits to the possibilities, and not in a positive manner.

Plus, if you choose a nulled product, good luck figuring out these problems on your own. Despite the fact that malware scans can find some malicious programs, there is always a potential you will miss some important files. Hackers are skilled at disguising malware so that it won’t likely be seen, and you might not notice the harm until it’s too late.

2. You won’t receive updates from plugin developers.

Every WordPress user is aware that updates are a need. Updates are often released by plugin and theme authors to fix issues in software, close security holes, and add new features. You simply won’t get these upgrades if you purchase a nulled version of a plugin or theme.

For a number of reasons, outdated WordPress software is not ideal. First off, you’re skipping out on features that might enhance user experience and performance on your website. You are bound to the features of a nulled product once you download it.

Second, obsolete plugins and themes are a major threat to WordPress security. Vulnerabilities are noted in public changelogs when they are discovered and fixed by developers. Using out-of-date software, a malicious actor may target websites, including yours, by referring to these logs.

3. You won’t receive support.

The functionality of the original program may be duplicated by unauthorized themes and plugins, but they will never provide the same degree of support as an official license. Due to the fact that you are receiving the product for little to no money, nulled creators have no motive to assist you. On the other hand, official developers invest a lot of effort and money in providing product support or at the very least comprehensive documentation.

This implies that you are responsible for resolving any problems, including bugs and technical challenges, that you run into with a nulled product. Online information could be beneficial, but a committed support staff can solve your issues much more quickly.

4. Nulled themes and plugins hurt your SEO.

Your search engine authority may take months to develop, just to be destroyed by a single nulled plugin or theme. This is due to the fact that these plugins and themes frequently have hidden outbound connections to malicious websites and spam links.

Even if you don’t see these links scattered across your website, Google’s site crawlers will detect them and take them into account when determining your site’s rating. If you link to known malicious websites, Google may even totally delete your site from the index.

5. Nulled themes and plugins hurt the user experience.

Nulled items may also show unwanted advertising in the form of display adverts and pop-ups, as if malware and spam weren’t enough already. You have no control over the advertisements that appear, so they may promote anything the creators desire.

You probably won’t be aware of these advertising until your visitors do, unless you look for them and try to delete them. Not to mention how commercials might slow down page loads, it doesn’t seem good.

6. Nulled themes and plugins hurt WordPress developers.

In addition to harming your WordPress site, illegal themes and plugins also harm the WordPress development community. A nulled copy of a premium WordPress plugin signifies that the developer and maintainer of the plugin have had their money stolen. As a result of nulled themes, some theme and plugin developers may go out of business because they lack the time and resources to make up for lost revenue.

They are not giant corporations with abundant resources like Google or Adobe. They are people, just like you and I.

Remember that WordPress is maintained on open-source principles, and developers depend on WordPress users to invest in high-quality goods. While this may not seem like a convincing justification to some — after all, software gets pirated all the time, so what’s the big deal? — remember that it is. Developers need to be paid for their efforts in order for the WordPress ecosystem to expand and get better.

7. Nulled themes and plugins become incompatible with WordPress.

Nulled plugins and themes frequently get out of date since they aren’t updated. Even if you download the newest nulled version, it will probably become outdated as soon as the creator introduces new modifications.

Developers change their products in tandem with WordPress core upgrades, thus old themes and plugins might not work with the most recent WordPress release. This mismatch might ruin your website and give visitors a bad first impression.

Additionally, your website will run poorly without upgrades. The nulled software might be repeatedly reinstalled each time a new update is released. Is it still worthwhile at that time, though? You’ll have to practically start again because you’ll lose all of your data and settings.

8. Troubleshooting bugs is impossible.

We’ve confirmed that the developer will not provide support for your nulled program. Will you be able to fix problems on your own and make the cracked program run if something goes wrong? Most likely, the answer is negative.

If you’re having persistent problems, you might try to troubleshoot from inside your WordPress admin panel, but you’ll probably need to change the plugin or theme’s code instead.

That is simply not feasible without extensive coding expertise. From the creator himself, here is a sample of a language translation plugin’s code:

"name": "preferred-languages",
"private": true,
"description": "Choose languages for displaying WordPress in, in order of preference.",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": "git+"
"author": "swissspidy",
"license": "GPL-2.0-or-later",
"bugs": {
"url": ""
"homepage": "",
"devDependencies": {
"@wordpress/a11y": "^3.13.0",
"@wordpress/e2e-test-utils": "^7.9.0",
"@wordpress/env": "^4.9.0",
"@wordpress/i18n": "^4.12.0",
"@wordpress/scripts": "^23.5.0",
"prettier": "npm:wp-prettier@^2.6.2",
"rtlcss-webpack-plugin": "^4.0.7"
"overrides": {
"jest": "28.1.2"
"scripts": {
"build": "wp-scripts build src/preferred-languages.js",
"lint:css": "wp-scripts lint-style",
"lint:js": "wp-scripts lint-js",
"lint:md:docs": "wp-scripts lint-md-docs",
"lint:md:js": "wp-scripts lint-md-js",
"start": "wp-scripts start src/preferred-languages.js",
"test:e2e": "wp-scripts test-e2e",
"test:e2e:help": "wp-scripts test-e2e --help",
"test:e2e:debug": "wp-scripts --inspect-brk test-e2e --puppeteer-devtools",
"wp-env": "wp-env"

You won’t be able to go in and repair whatever is wrong on the back-end unless you’re a WordPress developer who is proficient in a variety of coding languages and who is aware of the precise architecture of the product you’re attempting to debug. It also won’t work to look at the changelog and then attempt to make the modifications yourself.

You could upload the most recent nulled version again, but you’d lose whatever settings you had previously.

Additionally, the fault you’re attempting to fix can interfere with your other tools and impair front-end and back-end usability. It’s recommended to remain with the official version because developers constantly work to find and fix flaws.

What to Use Instead: Free Themes and Plugins

How to Install Nulled WordPress Themes and Reasons to Avoid them

WordPress themes and plugins that are nulled aren’t worth it. This doesn’t address your primary problem, which is probably Where can I get reliable WordPress software to enhance my website on a budget?

If you know where to search, there are a ton of free solutions available because WordPress is all about making websites accessible to everyone. Any of the following resources can be used to locate free themes and plugins:

  • Free versions downloaded from the developer website: A lot of WordPress programmers provide a trial or free version of their software. If you find up like the product, you may quickly subscribe to a premium version to have access to additional features, support, and lengthier access.
  • Free plugins and themes from the WordPress library: WordPress offers dozens of free options in both its official theme library and plugin repository. This is the greatest site to seek for free choices because WordPress themes have been examined for security and functionality. For each mentioned item, you can also look up reviews and popularity.
  • Free themes and plugins from online lists: Collect suggestions from reliable blog entries. Start with our lists of essential WordPress plugins and drag-and-drop WordPress themes from the HubSpot blog. Both of these provide a wealth of free choices to improve your website.

Want a quality site? Don’t use the nulled scripts.

Yes, we realize this advise may come off as being a bit harsh, and we also recognize how alluring it might be to download a product that isn’t really available for purchase. The problem is that going this path would actually compromise your security and user experience while you miss out on upgrades, new features, and support.

You may create a fantastic website for little money by using the correct free resources and putting in a little more work. Later, when you have more money available, you can upgrade to premium features.

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