How to Make Money Online in Kenya as a Freelance Writer in 2022

Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina 12 Min Read

In Kenya, writing is a fantastic method to earn money online.

Living proof of that is me. I started working as a freelancer in April 2011. I’ve also worked with some of the area’s top authors as a coach.

The best part is that you can excel in this without having a college degree. From being a broke campus dropout to where I am now, writing has helped me.

I’ve make the decision to tell you my secrets. You might quickly become that well-paid, highly sought-after freelance writer if you make good use of the material provided here.

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You must work hard and be sincere in your commitment for this to happen. In light of this, let me to ask you a crucial question: Do you really want to succeed as a freelance writer in Kenya?

If so, the following advice will help you succeed. Included are details about how to take advantage of my free mini-course for writers as well as six fatal sins that can ruin your freelance job.


1. Polish Your Writing Skills

Several factors can help determine whether you have what it takes to succeed as a writer. The questions listed below can help you determine whether you have what it takes to succeed.

The most crucial point is the final one. A common life rule is that in order to succeed, you must be passionate about your work. Of course, there are those who succeed without having a passion, but in most situations, those who truly have a passion succeed the most.

You may always utilize PenStars for content evaluation if you find that your writing abilities need improvement. If PenStars gives you a poor grade, you should seriously improve your writing before contacting any clients. You may enroll in English classes on websites like Alison, Udemy, edX, or Coursera for free or money.

2. Sign Up to a Freelancing Website

Today, there are a ton of websites that provide freelancing. Knowing which one works and which one doesn’t is the most crucial factor. Check out some of the best Freelancing sites here.

3. Social Media

Most individuals use social media to relax and reconnect with their loved ones. Smart freelance writers are making money from social media, nevertheless. LinkedIn and Facebook have introduced me to several fantastic clients.

Simply ensure that your profiles are designed to attract clients. Additionally, maintain in touch with potential customers and offer helpful content to demonstrate your expertise in the field. Share any mention of you in a sizable newspaper with your social networks.

When everyone realizes that you are an excellent writer, they will come to you rather than the other way around.

Additionally, some clients publish employment openings on social media groups and sites.

4. Cold-pitching

Think about how the majority of offline individuals and businesses get clients or business partners for a moment. They first determine which businesses can support them, after which they get in touch with those businesses via phone, email, or ordinary mail (by using the post office or delivering applications to businesses), correct?

They sometimes do this to businesses that have posted job openings, and other times they just approach businesses they want to cooperate with or partner with.

Writers who are paid well do the same. They take control of their writing and speak with businesses and customers directly, explaining what they can do for them.

Companies who have previously announced that they require writers are accepting applications. I refer to this as cold-pitching.

And that’s exactly how they attract wealthy clientele who have the financial means to spend anything from $50 to $1,000 each post! Setting up takes more time, but the results are great.

5. Blogging

This is the best strategy you can employ to promote your business and demonstrate your knowledge. Additionally, you’ll be able to attract consumers that pay absurdly high rates. Most significant companies have blogs. You have numerous additional options for generating income from your blog besides finding clients.

You can decide to start a blog about your subject and produce excellent, in-depth blog pieces. Improve your traffic and engagement by any means. This will guarantee that your content receive lots of social shares and interaction.

If a customer asks you to work on their site, you can easily show them your blog and they’ll feel confident that you can manage their task with care.

Additionally, if your blog is well-optimized for search engines, this will have the component I discussed earlier in social media, where customers will look for you. Through my site, I’ve acquired some fantastic clients. You merely get a message that says something like, “Looking for a freelance writer in Kenya.”

The nicest part is that when a customer like that reaches you, they’ve already done their research on you and are completely sold. So instead of having to convince them that you can, you’ll just get to work.

The easiest approach to get high paying clients and make a good living as a freelance writer in Kenya is once again through blogging.

Looking for blog starting advice? Here are the steps:

6. Bid and Pitch Continuously

Even when you find great bargains, keep bidding (submitting applications for tasks or projects) on bidding websites (Upwork is presently the best at this).

As previously mentioned, if you’re really skilled, you may find clients on Upwork that will pay you $50 to $100 or more for each post! Hehe… Sometimes, being incredibly good isn’t even important. but having the fortitude to continue applying correctly and consistently.

Along with the aforementioned, you may continually search for clients on social media and via cold-pitching.

One of the finest pieces of advice I’ve ever received was this one. I discovered Always Be Offering (ABO) thanks to a blog article on the Thrive Themes website. Actually, the article was about Ramit Sethi’s blog’s lead generation process. But I can’t get the ABO idea out of my head. I made the decision to consistently submit proposals to better clients. With this type of persistent work, you may escape the feast-and-famine cycle when you alternate between having plenty of employment and having none.

Good customers will always inquire about your daily output of content. Always set aside time to promote yourself; don’t fill your day with work.Continuous pitching will lead to continuous flow of work.

7. Embrace teamwork (my team has been one of my biggest joys)

I advise you to treat writing like a business and to begin developing your own authors. This manner, anytime there is a backlog, you can always assign writing projects to your finest authors. Always keep in mind that they must always write correctly.

Don’t put together a team just before an emergency. Make one earlier, while everything is still in order. Never assume that finding talented authors is simple. You’ll breeze through your emergency after you’ve put together a fantastic team. Without my team, I’m not sure what I would do.

8. Increase Your Submission Speed

As soon as you begin writing, you’ll notice that your research and typing speed are both getting faster. By teaching yourself to read and write more quickly, you may speed up this process even further. Therefore, look into fast reading and enroll in typing classes. At least 50 words per minute should be your goal.

Start working on improving your reading speed once you have mastered quicker typing. Go online and research fast reading. Your submission speed will rise if you can read and type quicker. This will be useful for those that require expedited service.

Of course, your prayer isn’t to attract these anxious consumers that are constantly rushing about. The majority of my customers are not in a rush to get stuff. But as you well know, life occasionally forces you to accept some of these clients’ urgent business. For quicker delivery, some people even pay extra. Once you have the ability to work quickly, you will be able to work with clients that demand quick work as well as those who don’t.

A further benefit of speed is that it allows you to produce more material every day. As a result, you might also make extra money each day.

9. Read a Lot

Writing and reading are interconnected. As a result, reading a lot is necessary if you want to become a great writer. I always advise you to focus on a smaller number of writing niches. For instance, among other topics, I mostly write about blogging, freelance writing, weight reduction, and Christianity. As a result, I read blogs about them virtually daily.

Don’t limit your reading to just one topic. Anything that intrigues you should be read. I want to read a certain number of books per year. Reading books about business, marketing, money management, habits, freelance writing, and more has taught me a ton. Even novels can be beneficial.

10. Don’t Commit Any of These Sins

  • Plagiarism
  • Grammatical Errors
  • Late submission

Bottom Line

You must manage your writing career if you want to be a successful writer. For no other reason than to try to sell you anything, many so-called “experts” will tell you something doesn’t work.

Do you want to learn more on how you can make it as a writer? Here is an opportunity to do so today.

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