List Of Best Hospitals That Offer Male Circumcision In Nairobi

Kariuki Maina
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The top hospitals in Nairobi that do male circumcisions are listed below. In the majority of the nation, circumcision is seen as a rite of passage. The foreskin that covers the tip of the penis is taken off during the surgery.

Here is a list of the best hospitals that offer male circumcision in Nairobi

1. Nairobi Women’s Hospital

Leading private hospital in Kenya is Nairobi Women’s Hospital. It provides skilled circumcision services. Under local anesthesia, a circumcision costs Kshs 6,000, whereas a general anesthetic costs Kshs 16,500.

Contacts: 0703 081 001, 0709 667 000.

2. Marie Stopes Kenya

Marie Stopes is a significant supplier of sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya. They provide economical adult and male circumcision treatments at all of their clinics in Kenya.

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Contact: 0721 488 607.


A religious organization called EDARP operates 14 clinics in the Nairobi CBD neighborhoods of Dandora, Donholm, Kibera, Babadogo, and Railways that provide free and safe medical male circumcision.

Contact: 0721 488 607.

4. Jacaranda Maternity Hospital

One of Kenya’s top private hospitals is Jacaranda Maternity Hospital. For Kshs 5,000, it provides circumcision under local anesthesia to guys who are at least five years old.

Contacts: 0731 999 077, 0786 629 763.

5. Coptic Hospital

The Coptic Orthodox has a full-service hospital called Coptic Hospital. It welcomes clients from all regions of the nation and provides superior male circumcision procedures.

Contacts: 0711 043 000, 0732 341 201.

6. The Karen Hospital 

Although they charge a lot, their circumcision services are worthwhile. Costs for circumcision performed under local anesthesia are Ksh 40,000, while those performed under general anesthesia are Ksh 50,000.

Contact: 0726 222 002.

7. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

A significant pediatric facility, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital was founded in 1947. It provides an extensive array of medical procedures, including expert male circumcision at reasonable prices. The main hospital branch in Muthaiga and several satellite clinics spread around the city both provide the services.

Contact: 020 720 6000.

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