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1. Britam Insurance

Additionally listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Britam is a division of the British American Insurance firm Limited. One of Kenya’s top providers of insurance services is the business.

The insurer provides a wide range of services, including banking, asset management, and property management. The business also offers cutting-edge goods like the Afya Tele, a health microinsurance policy that caters to registered groups of 10 or more members and SMEs.

The firm was recognized best in life insurance at the 2019 Association of Kenya Insurance (AKI)Agents Awards and received an award for excellence from Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Awards.

2. Jubilee Insurance

This is a wholly owned subsidiary of international insurance giant Jubilee Holding Limited. It primarily focuses on automobile, health, and home insurances as well as insurance for education.

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According to the 2019 Association of Kenya Insurance (AKI) Agents, the firm was rated best in general insurance this year.

3. Allianz Insurance

The Allianz Group is a global leader in asset management and insurance. The organization presently provides its services in more than 70 nations on all continents.

The business offers insurance solutions to cover individuals, organizations, families, and local corporations. It is a licensed insurer in Kenya.

The insurer provides personal insurance services for automobile, motorcycle, house, immigration, and health insurance.


One of the biggest insurance providers in East Africa is this one. ICEA LION Group, ICEA LION General Insurance, ICEA LION Life Assurance, ICEA LION Asset Management, and ITSL Trust Company Limited are the four entities that make up this group.

For its members aged 18 to 59, the business introduced cancer insurance in Kenya for the first time ever in October 2019.

5. AAR Insurance

The market leader for health insurance in Kenya is AAR. Before entering the insurance industry, the firm began in 1984 as an air and ground ambulance service called Africa Air Rescue.

Through the AAR Unlimicare insurance, consumers have access to complete coverage for pregnancy, mental treatment, and chronic and congenital diseases. The coverage also includes prescription medication, MRIs, and many other types of therapies.

6. UAP Old Mutual Insurance

The organization has its corporate office in Nairobi, Kenya, and provides financial services. The business has subsidiaries in the countries of Congo, South Sudan, and East Africa.

The insurer provides banking, savings, and insurance investment financial solutions. They provide insurance services for retirement plans, family health insurance, education insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, and travel insurance.

7. Direct Line Insurance

This important public service provider of automobile insurance has been around since 1998.

The business has also been recognized as the first specialized underwriter in the nation to concentrate only on auto insurance.

8. CIC Group Insurance

One of the insurance companies with the longest tenure is the CIC group. The company focuses on providing its clients with flexible, individualized insurance and financial services.

It provides services for asset management, CIC pensions, general insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and the CIC money market fund.

9. Kenya Orient Insurance

Over 30 years have passed since Kenya Orient Insurance Company first entered the insurance market. The insurer provides all varieties of general insurance and at the moment has a distinctive lineup of goods that are gradually gaining popularity. The business specializes in Orient Home Cover and mobile phone insurance.

Other goods include life insurance under the Kenya Orient Life Assurance, which provides retirement planning options for private individuals, public organizations, and businesses.

10. Liberty Insurance

It is a division of the Liberty Holdings Group and has more than 25 branches around the country.

This insurer provides people, companies, and corporations with comprehensive personal accident and motor plans.

The business also specializes in a range of insurance services, such as options for health, home, and travel insurance.

11. Sanlam Insurance

Pan African Insurance was formerly. A publicly traded corporation called Sanlam insurance focuses on providing a variety of financial services.

The business has been around for about a century, with annual revenues of up to $60 billion and a global presence. The corporation also has stakes in 32 nations in Africa, as well as in Malaysia, the USA, the UK, and Australia.

Insurance, financial planning, retirement, investments, and wealth management are among the specialties offered, along with comprehensive and individualized business solutions for both private individuals and corporate clients.

They provide services including financial planning, retirement planning, asset management, and other all-inclusive and specially designed business solutions for people and institutions.

12. Madison Insurance

It was established in 1988 as a privately held limited business and is a locally owned commercial service provider. Life and health insurance are covered by the insurer.

The corporation now has an asset base of up to Ksh 5 billion.

The Madison firm also offers health insurance and financial management services, and it presently oversees a portfolio worth more than Kshs 10 million.

One of Madison Insurance’s well-known products is its “Bimakaro” school tuition coverage, which allows consumers to obtain money as little as Kshs 10,000.

13. Xplico Insurance

In Kenya and East Africa, Xplico offers solutions to individuals and companies, including SMEs and large corporations, in the fields of micro-health, sports, travel, aviation, maritime, commerce, credit, and structured financing.

The business is a specialized insurer that responsibly underwrites both current risks and emerging hazards that most insurers avoid.

14. Kenindia Insurance

In order to create a strong merger, Indian insurance firms with operations in Kenya have partnered to form the insurer. They offer general insurance that includes coverage for fire, marine, personal cars, and accidents.

Individual, family, business health, and health service plans are all covered by medical insurance.

A 15-year money back guarantee, capital advantage, group life, and staff retirement benefits are all covered by life insurance.

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