Telegram: This Channel Cannot Be Displayed Issue: How to Fix in 6 Ways

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Telegram may not be your favourite text messaging software, but you may have been drawn to it since it offers a variety of channels you may subscribe to for the most recent information on news, entertainment, sports, politics, business, and other topics. Everybody in the globe may join channels with the click of a button and access everything that is shared inside of them because they permit sharing large-sized files and are made for a broad audience.

Although many of us might find this useful, it also has drawbacks. Some channels use the site to disseminate illegally obtained material, sexual content, or, in the worst case scenario, to promote messages of violence and hatred because it allows you to upload enormous files with a big audience (up to 200,000 people). When Telegram discovers that one of the aforementioned prohibited actions is being carried out on a channel, it disables the channel by either concealing it from public access or completely banning it.

Telegram: This Channel Cannot Be Displayed Issue: How to Fix in 6 Ways

When this happens, a channel’s “This Channel cannot be displayed” warning will appear. However, you could also see a similar error notice if the area you’re in restricts access to a certain type of information or if the content you’re trying to view is legal but sensitive. In such circumstances, one of the workarounds suggested below may let you bypass this prompt and access the channel.

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We  had earlier shown one way of How to Fix “This channel can’t be displayed” on Telegram. But we will be stating more than just the one way, below.




Fix #1: Enable sensitive content using Nicegram Bot

Fix #1: Enable sensitive content using Nicegram BotUsing the Telegram app’s Nicegram Bot is one approach to display material from an unavailable channel. Simply search for “Nicegram bot” and choose the bot with the username @Nicegram bot to begin a conversation with it. You may also send a message to this bot by visiting to and selecting Send Message.

Tap Start at the bottom of the conversation thread when it loads with the bot.

Next, touch on the toggles labeled I’m 18+ and Show sensitive content to enable them. Both choices will have a check mark next to them when they are enabled.

Restart Telegram now to see if the previously inaccessible channels are now available.

Fix #2: Turn on the “Disable filtering” toggle inside Telegram Web Settings

Fix #2: Turn on the “Disable filtering” toggle inside Telegram Web Settings

You will need to use Telegram’s desktop client or the web version in order to prevent content filtering from affecting your channel’s visibility if the aforementioned method does not resolve the issue. Click the hamburger icon in the upper left corner after opening the Telegram desktop app or web app.

Select Settings from the overflow menu that appears.

Select Privacy and Security from the Settings menu when it appears.

There are now a lot of choices for you. Activate the Disable filtering switch here.

You should be able to access the channel’s content as a result of this. In the event that it is not, this indicates that the content you are attempting to view is either restricted in your area, completely blocked, or has been removed by the channel’s creator.

Fix #3: Use a VPN and set it to another country

Fix #3: Use a VPN and set it to another country

Telegram places restrictions on some channels in areas where content is heavily filtered. These restrictions prevent users from viewing anything in a channel if they are from that area or if their account was created with a phone number from that area. Using a VPN app will allow you to circumvent Telegram’s restrictions on certain content if you are located in a region with restrictions.

Since the majority of VPN apps let users change their location to anywhere else in the world, they can try to access restricted channel content. While changing countries on a VPN app does not guarantee that a channel will be accessible immediately, you can test this by enabling the VPN for a few hours so that Telegram registers the new IP address you are using, which may have worked for some users.

Fix #4: Use Telegram from a non-restricted country

Fix #4: Use Telegram from a non-restricted country

By creating a new Telegram account with a phone number from a region other than your own, you can also circumvent Telegram channel restrictions imposed by your country. You can cheaply create a new VOIP number for a Telegram account using a variety of services like TextNow and TextFree, despite the fact that that may appear to be a difficult process.

You can set up a new Telegram account by following the steps below once you have a new phone number:

With Android: Go to the down arrow next to your name and tap Add Account after tapping the hamburger icon.
On iOS: Tap Edit from the bottom of the Settings tab, then select Add Another Account.
To create a new Telegram account, add your new phone number there and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can use multiple instances of Telegram to message loved ones from one account and access channels that are restricted from another when necessary because you can use up to three different accounts at once.

Fix #5: Use a different device

When we tested Telegram on a variety of devices, our personal experience was that the content of a channel produced inconsistent results. Some channels, for instance, could not be seen at all in the iOS Telegram app, but they worked fine in the Android Telegram app. Similarly, while using the platform’s web client on Firefox on the same desktop enabled all of the channel’s content, accessing Telegram’s macOS client restricted access to a number of channels.

You can determine whether a channel is accessible on other devices you own, despite the fact that we are unable to identify a significant cause for this. If this doesn’t work, you can see which browser works best by logging into Telegram’s web client on different browsers.

Fix #6: Be wary of the channels you visit

Like other online platforms, Telegram moderates the content posted there. The messaging app removes channels that distribute pirated media, pornographic content, hate speech, or engage in any kind of illegal activity because not all channels are created with the same intentions. We advise you to avoid such channels in the future if the channel you want to access has anything to do with such activities.

That’s all you need to know about fixing the “This channel cannot be displayed” issue on Telegram. 

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