The Top CPA Affiliate Networks List 2022

Kariuki Maina
By Kariuki Maina 3 Min Read

Knowing the top CPA networks is beneficial regardless of your level of expertise as an affiliate marketer.


Well, there are many explanations. The finest CPA networks advertise hundreds of CPA offers, give fairly large rewards, and, best of all, you don’t necessarily even need to persuade people to click on your affiliate link and convert right away.

You’ll frequently get compensated for generating leads, so you may delegate the task of completing the sale to another person.

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Like how CPA affiliate marketing sounds?

You are in the proper location. I’ll go over Authority Hacker’s selection of the best CPA affiliate networks available right now in this guide, which is based on analysis, evaluations, and rankings.

What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s start by defining some crucial terms related to performance marketing.

Cost Per Acquisition” or “Cost Per Action” is what CPA stands for.

That basically indicates that the goal of CPA affiliate marketing is lead generation. CPA affiliate marketers receive payment for actions like form submissions and software downloads, in contrast to CPS-based affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, which are solely focused in generating purchases.

Because the quality traffic they provide is targeted to these kinds of offers, skilled CPA marketers typically concentrate entirely on cost-per-acquisition campaigns.

However, how can you decide which CPA affiliate network is ideal for you?

Explore our list below of the top performance marketing networks for CPA advertisers and publishers to get the answer.

Best CPA Networks

  1. Admitad
  2. Advendor
  3. A4D
  4. ClickDealer
  5. CrakRevenue
  6. CPAlead
  7. Perform[cb] (previously Clickbooth)
  8. MaxBounty
  9. CPAMatica
  10. AdWork Media
  11. MyLead
  12. Fireads
  13. Madrivo
  14. GlobalWide Media
  15. Adscend
  16. Lemonads
  17. Mobidea
  18. Advidi
  19. AdCombo
  20. RevenueAds
  21. Panthera Network
  22. Digital Media Solutions (formerly W4)
  23. Convert2Media (C2M)
  24. Affiliati Network
  25. Adsterra
  26. Toro Advertising


You may make hundreds of dollars from a single sale by promoting CPA offerings. That’s not even mentioning Peerfly, a well-known CPA network that garnered several honors but ultimately had to shut its doors. Such offerings are unusual in “conventional” affiliate marketing.

Yes, several networks that could be found on other sites are absent from this list. However, we must uphold our quality standards, therefore yes, we rejected several CPA networks. especially those having a track record of tardiness in making payments to affiliate marketing partners. Or ever, which undoubtedly occurs.

Because if you’re not going to profit from an affiliate site, there’s little use in making the effort to develop one. However, learning how to create your site properly is also crucial. We’re pleased to provide you with free training on affiliate marketing to help you get started with this.

And no, you are not required to make a purchase.


The bogus guru BS is something that both of us despise.


We’ll see you inside, too.

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