Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

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The main medical insurance providers in Kenya, who offer health insurance to millions of Kenyans, are included in this article. Nobody ever dreams about falling ill, or about making a loved one or friend get ill.

However, it’s crucial to reduce medical expenses in case illness comes knocking at your door. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the best medical insurance providers in Kenya.

Insurance is required to assist offset these medical expenses incurred during a medical emergency. It is crucial to talk about Kenya’s top health insurance providers.

List of Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

1. First Assurance Company Limited

This business is among Kenya’s top providers of health insurance. Following Prudential Assurance Ltd’s withdrawal, First Assurance Company Ltd was founded. The firm lives by the motto “insure, secure, ensure.”

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This business’s performance in 2018 was acknowledged with the 27th International Europe Award for Quality, demonstrating its effectiveness.

It provides a wide range of items with various pricing ranges within its medical insurance coverage. These medical coverage levels range from 200,000 to 250,000 Kenyan shillings.

2. G.A. Insurance Ltd

Both Kenya and Tanzania are served by GA insurance. Over 50 years have passed since this firm entered the Kenyan market.

Additionally, the organization underwrites additional risk classes in addition to providing medical insurance coverage. Products covered by its medical insurance program include some of the following:

Surgicare – financial responsibility for costs associated with orthopedic, vascular, cardiac, cancer, and Kes. 20M surgery.

G.A. assist – emergency medical evacuation is included.

3. AAR Insurance Africa

Insurance AAR In three nations in East Africa, there is an African presence. Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are those.

For customers’ peace of mind, the organization offers goods under both family and individual medical coverage. It’s important to remember that this insurance provider specializes in health insurance.

Additionally, it has its own hospitals or health facilities that its customers can choose to use for medical attention.

Consequently, it is one of Kenya’s top providers of medical insurance. Products provided under this umbrella include some of the following:

  • Individual and Family medical plans
  • Business Enterprise medical plan
  • Doctor’s indemnity cover

4. Heritage Insurance Company

Short-term insurance coverage is offered by Heritage Insurance. Over the years, consumer confidence has increased because to its exceptional claim resolution and distinctive client solutions.

It provides a variety of products within its medical insurance coverage, including Heritage Flexi, Blue Cover, Blue Core, Blue Lite, and Blue Classic. To satisfy a range of consumer demands, these product options have varying characteristics.

5. Allianz Insurance Company Ltd

The Allianz Group, a global leader in asset management and insurance, includes Allianz Kenya.

One of Kenya’s top medical insurance providers, the organization has operations in more than 70 nations.

Allianz Kenya offers unmatched knowledge and ability in underwriting all risk classes because of its wide-ranging global presence.

You may get its medical coverage online from its website, which is another distinctive feature of its plan. Due to the fact that it offers the following services, its medical coverage is greatly diversified:

  • Inpatient and outpatient cover
  • Maternity costs
  • Dental cover
  • Optical treatment
  • Emergency assistance

6. APA insurance

Pan Africa General Insurance and Apollo Insurance Company have merged to become APA Insurance. Due to its focus on both long-term and short-term insurance, this firm is unique. There are three primary items available under its medical insurance coverage:

  • Health corporate – for companies with more than ten people
  • Femina – Covers women’s needs
  • Jamii plus and Afya Nafuu – For families and individuals

7. Britam

The British-American Investments Company Limited includes the British-American Insurance Company (Britam). The business is a Nairobi Securities Exchange listed firm (NSE).

The greatest medical insurance coverage in Kenya is now offered by this business, which is the market leader. The business offers a wide range of products throughout Kenya as part of its medical insurance coverage.

8. CIC Group

Kenyans have had access to CIC Group’s flexible and cutting-edge insurance solutions for more than three decades.

The CIC Group, which boasts a 62 percent yearly growth, has been listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange Market, similar to Britam.

Apart from providing health insurance coverage, the organization offers a wide range of other products. These include CIC pension, asset management, life insurance, and general insurance.

Additionally, the company has three significant divisions under the health insurance cover:

  • CIC medisure corporate
  • The CIC medisure family
  • CIC Medipak insurance

9. Kenindia Assurance Company Limited

In 1978, many Indian insurance firms merged to become Kenindia Insurance. Three main items fall under Kenindia Medical Coverage. These are described below:

  • Health save plan
  • Corporate health plan
  • Individual/Family plan

10. Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Ltd

Despite being active in the Kenyan market for more than a century, the Kenya Alliance Insurance Company only adopted its current name in 1980.

One of Kenya’s most financially stable composite insurance businesses is Kenyan Alliance Insurance.

Additionally, the business is present in Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Karatina, Meru, Thika, Machakos, Kitui, Westlands, Kitengela, Industrial Area, and Kakamega on a regional level.

The business health plan, SME plan, and family package plan are the three main plans that make up Kenyan Alliance insurance’s health insurance coverage.

11. Madison Insurance

This insurance provider is based in Kenya and has been in business since 1988. The clients of Madison Insurance Company receive complete life and health insurance coverage. It is a limited corporation that is privately held.

Alpha Health, the company’s medical insurance, has individual, family, and budget options. For support employees working in private schools, Madison insurance offers a program called as KPSA.

12. Jubilee Insurance

One of the top insurance providers in Kenya is Jubilee Insurance, which provides medical insurance there.

In Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, the corporation is present. Jubilee offers regional coverage for its health insurance program.

The Jubilee mobile app and additional services for members are additional bonuses.

Jubilee currently offers the finest medical insurance coverage.

Types of Health insurance Plans in Kenya

  • Inpatient cover
  • Outpatient cover
  • Low-cost covers
  • Maternity cover
  • Medium and high-cost covers

Common Vocabulary in Medical Insurance Companies in Kenya

Outpatient Coverage: Insurance protection for individuals who get medical treatments (such as surgery) on an outpatient basis, i.e., without staying the night in a hospital or other inpatient institution.

Inpatient Coverage: You must formally be admitted into a hospital for a stay in order for a service to be referred to as inpatient.

Insurance coverage: The amount of risk or obligation an individual or organization has that is covered by insurance services is known as insurance coverage.

Beneficiary: In the context of life insurance, the beneficiary is the individual or organization that will be entitled to the payout and additional benefits in the event that the policy matures or the donor dies.

Insurance policy: A document defining the terms and conditions of an insurance contract is known as an insurance policy.

A monthly cost: A monthly fee for health care services paid to an insurance provider or health plan is known as a health insurance premium.

Indemnity plans: You may manage your own health care and go to almost any hospital or doctor you want thanks to indemnity policies. The insurance company then reimburses a portion of your entire expenses. Fee-for-service insurance plans are another name for indemnity policies.

When you sign a health insurance waiver, you can choose not to enroll in a health insurance plan that has been provided to you after making a formal request.

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