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Admiralty law, usually referred to as Houston maritime injury law, is rife with peculiarities and contradictions. These discrepancies are only visible to an expert marine accident lawyer, and we do so in every case that comes to our Houston law office.

In some marine circumstances, Houston maritime employees are at a disadvantage. They have a few benefits over typical marine injury claims. But only a knowledgeable Houston maritime lawyer will be able to make sense of everything. Therefore, if you’ve been hurt at sea and need a Houston maritime accident attorney, Patrick Daniel Law is here to help, whether you’re in Houston, Harris County, Pasadena, Baytown, or the distant suburbs. Request a free consultation with one of the Houston maritime attorneys.

With 20 years of experience practicing maritime law in Houston, Texas, and around the Gulf Coast, Patrick Daniel is a legend among Houston maritime lawyers. Patrick Daniel has considerable knowledge in Houston maritime law matters and the work that is done at sea by workers of hundreds of Houston maritime enterprises. Patrick Daniel has argued maritime damage cases from both sides.TOP BEST HOUSTON MARITIME ATTORNEY IN THE USA 2022

An overview of the Houston marine injury cases he has managed in Texas and overseas is shown below:

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  • Jack-up rig accidents
  • Deck accidents
  • Oil platform accidents
  • Barge accidents
  • Commercial fishing accidents
  • Cargo ship accidents
  • Shipyard accidents
  • Tugboat accidents


Houston is considerably more than just an aerospace and energy hub. According to a recent survey, Houston, Texas is the second-most populous city in the nation for occupations involving marine transportation of cargo between U.S. ports. More people work in the marine sector only in neighboring New Orleans. Texas ranks third in the nation for cargo transportation between American ports when the labor force from all Texas ports is taken into account.

More than 200 commercial and public ports make up the Port of Houston, which annually handles more than 8200 seagoing vessels and 215,000 barges. The Houston region is home to thousands of marine workers. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Houston is home to many marine injury cases. A marine injury lawyer in Houston will frequently be needed to safeguard their rights and assist them in recovering damages that result from their maritime injury since maritime employees who are hurt at sea do not always have access to the same legal options as land-based workers.



Houston maritime attorneys are in great supply and are well-versed in maritime law, but experience is essential. Patrick Daniel, the founder and preeminent maritime accident attorney, has battled hundreds of marine injury claims and obtained substantial awards for his clients.


However, this procedure calls much more than just an accomplished trial lawyer. Any Houston, Texas lawyer who wants to defend marine employees needs to be familiar with the demanding, brutal, and raw nature of the job. That is what distinguishes Patrick Daniel Legal from other Houston, Texas, law businesses. He is adept at the task. He was raised in Louisiana and has 20 years of expertise in maritime litigation, some of it from the opposing side of the bench.



What does maritime actually imply, then? Maritime refers to anything having to do with the sea literally. This is applicable to both military operations and commercial shipping and transportation. Admiralty law, which is often referred to as maritime law, is the body of regulations controlling nautical activity.


The Law of the Sea, which regulates international trade, mineral rights, jurisdiction over coastal seas, treaties, and international relations, differs from maritime law. Admiralty disputes are more regional in scope and involve civil lawsuits, private parties, public entities, and agents of those public entities.

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