Top Best Highest Paying PTC Sites in 2023

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Earning money online has never being this easy. “Took me 10 seconds to make a buck”, I read a review about one of the top PTC sites that I will mention below. The days of struggling to make money are long gone, but you may now do so with the help of the 10 Top Best Highest Paying PTC Sites in 2023.

Like many others, do you enjoy using the internet in your leisure time? Suppose you were compensated for it. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Many reputable PTC websites will pay you for seeing advertisements and taking other similar actions. It is not a difficult work because you only need to set aside one or two hours of your time to do it.

10 Highest Paying PTC Sites | Get Paid to Complete Offers

Highest Paying PTC Sites | Get Paid to Complete Offers

It is essential that you have a thorough understanding of this platform if you are serious about using it to earn money. Numerous websites exist that either demand payment for registration or perform the function without charging. As a result, you need to be cautious. Don’t worry; we will provide you a quick overview of PTC sites in this blog.

What is a PTC website?

PTC stands for Paid To Click, which refers to sites that pay users to click. On these websites, users get compensated for seeing and clicking on displayed advertising. The finest aspect of this employment is that it doesn’t involve any financial or time commitment beyond some time. It is among the simplest ways to make money while at home.

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The adverts on these websites are purchased by advertisers, who then buy advertising credits from these websites to promote their website or content. You can see each ad for 24 hours.

There are several websites that pay for completing forms, providing comments, doing surveys, etc. in addition to the PTC option to earn money. It is a form of paid advertising that rewards both PTC sites and ad viewers (you).

By paying for ad views, it gives marketers a platform to market their goods to niche audiences. Advertisers use advertising to promote sales, and whether or not you make any transactions, you still get paid to click on adverts.

Various ways to make money from PTC sites

More than making money by clicking on adverts, there are many other ways to make money through these websites, including:

  1. Survey completion – Many websites offer you the chance to increase your income by responding to the surveys on your profile.
  2. Task completion- They also provide you a lot of tasks that you may simply do to increase your income. This is also possible on microjob sites.
  3. Offer panels: Here, you may download software, play games, and perform other similar tasks in exchange for money.

Please inform us about the benefits and drawbacks of PTC websites so that we may make an informed decision.


  • Since you only need to log in once to join and begin going, they are really simple to use.
  • The best aspect is that you may join them for no cost and that you don’t need any qualifications to accomplish this.
  • You are free to work whenever and wherever it suits you.
  • Along with the ability to click adverts, they also offer you additional ways to make money.
  • Another feature is that registration with them is both free and accepted anywhere.
  • You may begin earning as soon as you register, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to accomplish this.

Let’s explore some of its disadvantages along with its advantages so that you can make an informed decision.


  • Almost all websites often pay relatively little. The majority of well-known websites only pay one or two cents each click, so in order to make a decent income, you would need to click on a lot of advertisements.
  • As there are many PTC websites that are fraudulent, which is why its list is small, you should make sure that the site has been operational for at least two years.
  • Also, PTC websites do not use PayPal as a payment channel.

Requirements for joining a PTC website

To sign up for these websites, you simply need a few items, including:

  • a reliable internet connection and a computer
  • Gmail profile
  • Card PAN (for Indians)
  • bank statement
  • a different payment system, such as PayPal, AirTM, Payoneer, Skrill or Payza

How do PTC sites work?

PTC websites serve as a conduit between users and advertising. Many online web marketers depend on visitors to their blogs and websites to advertise their goods and services.

They use PTC websites since they don’t have a big budget and are not eligible for GoogleAds or other top advertising networks; in exchange for a tiny commission, they can earn a sizable sum of money.

Best and highest paying PTC

Here is a list of the top 10 PTC websites that are trustworthy and pay their users the most. You can thus join them without having any second thoughts. There are no premium accounts and there is no cost to join these websites.

Most websites that ask for a premium are fake and pointless. Tell us about the PTC sites that can enable you to enhance your income.

1. ySense

YSense - Best and highest paying PTC

It was once referred to as Clixsense. One of the most reliable websites, it is believed to assist you increase your income. Prodege LLC acquired this website in 2019 after it was established in the year 2007. Another PTC website owned by same business is Swagbucks. In the USA, it is a reputable and well-known brand.

This website was first launched as a PTC website, but after a few years, the owners changed their business plan and added a variety of revenue streams. They provide a variety of possibilities, including paid online surveys, the downloading of pertinent applications, registering for websites, watching films, etc.

The most exciting element of getting paid for referring people to ySense is that you continue to get paid for as long as your referral continues to profit from our website.

Simply spend some time filling out surveys or clicking on various advertisements while you sit at home. It is the greatest website on the internet since it gives its worldwide users a variety of earning opportunities. You could make more than $200 a month if you only worked on this website.


  • Their membership is completely free.
  • There are several methods to make money.
  • Well-made and simple to use
  • There are several flexible payment methods.


  • Some of the nations’ users receive poor compensation.
  • No immediate payment


Neobux, like Clixsense, is regarded as the King of PTC and one of the Best PTC Sites that Really Pays. For more than 7 years, it has been paying without any problems. Additionally, they pay all of their members quickly, which is an indication of a dependable PTC service. One of the Top PTC Sites available is without a doubt Neobux.

Neobux offers a number of methods to generate money, but my favorite one is their Mini job. Instead of clicking advertising, you may get more money by performing chores. When compared to earning $1 by clicking on adverts, earning it by completing side jobs may be done in less than a week. While completing chores takes time, they become more simpler and quicker if you grow used to them.

Every day, Neobux offers at least 30 advertisements, and each one you click is worth $0.0001. Consequently, you may earn at least $0.90 every month. Despite not always being accessible, assignments pay more money. The more accurately you complete tasks, the higher your rating will go. As your rank rises, additional tasks with greater values become accessible for you to do.

By the way, we do not advise renting recommendations from Neobux for individuals who are new to the PTC sector. It will be quite difficult for you to profit from RRs if you are unfamiliar with how to manage them efficiently. I can vouch for this because I’ve experienced it.

3. adBTC

ADBTC is a PTC with bitcoin payments that is hosted in Russia. The most recent status given by NBR to this website is: New. You can quickly determine whether this site is legitimate by glancing at our grade.
The site provides, on average, 50+ advertising per day and up to 150 Satoshis each click, with an average gain of 100 Satoshi every ad, or 0.00000100 BTC.
Additionally, you may utilize autosurf for particular websites that pay 15 satoshis every surf.
An individual may easily earn 7000 Satoshis per day on average if they utilize autosurf in addition to visiting all sites.

The cost of the advertisements ranges from 20 Satoshis per click (PPC) for a 15-second ad to 150 Satoshis for a 60-second ad.
You may earn 7% of the browsing of your referrals with this PTC. Your active referrals are also available for sale and for purchase.
The minimum payout via Epay, Xapo, or straight to your wallet is merely 15000 satoshis, or 0.00015BTC. To now, the website has paid 24 bitcoin to 100179 of its visitors!

4. BTC clicks

In terms of company stability, BTC Clicks is one of the most reliable PTC sites available today, trailing only Clixsense by a little margin. They have a number of programs where you may make money, including watching films on Vimeo and YouTube, watching advertising, completing tasks, exploring offer walls, and participating in their affiliate programs.


Scarlet Clicks-Best and highest paying PTC sites

This website was established in 2009 and is owned by Montenegrin resident Media Flow DOO (Europe). This website gives a great platform for you to earn a sizable sum of money by seeing commercials, recommending other users to the website, and finishing offers, much like other PTC websites do.

Typically, you receive $0.01 for each advertisement you click, which translates to $2 if you watch 30 advertisements each day. For newcomers, it takes a long time to make a respectable living. Additionally, they guarantee you a 100% referral revenue.

However, despite the fact that their costs are lower than those of their rivals, they are trustworthy and real since they have paid out more than $2 million to their clients.

The fact that your account gets suspended after more than 30 days without activity and you forfeit any remaining amount is one disadvantage of this service.

As a result, you might use this website if you’re seeking for a service with positive ratings and prompt payouts.


  • There are several compensation options, including bitcoins.
  • available in several nations
  • Simple to use
  • Free to sign up
  • Sincere and trustworthy


  • The caliber of the adverts that are displayed is subpar.
  • Low commission rate
  • Each household may only have one account.


PaidVerts - Best and highest paying PTC sites

This PTC service is reputed to be one of the best and highest paying sites online. Linstow LP, which is based in Scotland, developed this website in 2014. This is a brand-new website that was just started a few years ago but has already experienced tremendous growth.

Although clicking on adverts is the main way to make money on our website, there are other ways to get money as well. Due to the fact that it employs the Bonus Ad Points point-based system, Paidvert stands apart from other PTC services (BAP).

When you join, you are required to consistently click 16 BAP advertising until you have clicked a total of 100 BAP commercials. Once you have completed the 100 BAP commercials, you will start receiving compensated adverts. Long-term, devoted members would accrue more BAP points and, as a result, would be paid more for each ad click.

In addition to this, you may earn money by recommending PaidVerts to your friends and relatives. They accept a variety of payment options, including Perfect Money, PayPal, and Bitcoin. As a result, it is a reliable and trustworthy PTC site with a large user base due to the protocol it uses.

They offer a premium membership plan with customers that make more, but this comes with the disadvantage that they do not have any tight rules for the advertisements.


  • Dedicated employees might potentially earn more.
  • They also provide smartphone apps for convenience.
  • an accessible website
  • a variety of payment alternatives



  • The commission charges vary.
  • Daily account maintenance fees are assessed.
  • There can be simply one account per family.


One of MultiMoneyGroup’s Top PTC Sites is this one. The companion site of DonkeyMails, JillsClickCorner, uses essentially the same software and has a similar layout. This PTC service was created a year after DonkeyMails, and ever then, both of them have offered a variety of online income opportunities.

This website has stood the test of time and is a tried-and-true PTC site. They have been paying their members without incident for quite some time.

Their lack of a 5-level affiliate program is the only thing that sets them apart from DonkeyMails. Your Direct Referrals activity can only earn you a 10% referral commission, but the beautiful thing about them is that they have a very low payout threshold, making it extremely simple to cash out. Additionally, if you enhanced your membership, you would see more advertisements.


SuperPay.Me is one of the few legitimate PTC sites with no minimum payout, therefore it’s really simple to cash out from them. They have been paying for more than 5 years without a problem. This website has a poor clickthrough rate (aurora script), which makes it difficult to monetize, but it makes up for it with a large number of advertising.

We prefer SuperPay.Me because of their extremely affordable advertising plan, which only $0.25 per 1,000 visits. They also always make their payments on schedule! They should be on this list because of this.


All of the PTC, GPT, PTR, and even traffic exchange sites on this list are trusted. They are reliable sites to make money from because of their well-managed websites and sound business models.


Although Paidverts is a popular traffic exchange, we included them since you may make money with them just browsing the web. Additionally, you are free to advertise your own blog, website, affiliate connections, and referral links. You may start earning points and additional money by just browsing another website. This is ideal for anyone looking to promote their website and make money online. Because of their generous programs, they have been in this industry for more than 13 years and have managed to stay at the top.


These legitimate PTC services provide you the chance to make additional money without making any investments. For many years, they have been the most dependable PTC sites that pay. Even if some of them have a modest earning potential, they are not scam websites. Because they run reliable companies and consistently pay their members, they are the best PTC sites. These websites are The Most Trusted PTC Sites Available to Many PTC Sites Fans and Experts.

And concentrate on getting direct recommendations if you want to thrive on any PTC site. Try promoting your referral links on PTC forums like EMoneySpace and TalkPTC, or use social media networks to your benefit, which will undoubtedly lead to additional referrals. To gain free, high-quality traffic, we also recommend starting your own blog with links to your preferred PTC sites.

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