Who is the cheapest energy supplier in UK 2022?

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Frustrated with your energy provider? We have listed below the top energy suppliers, you can therefore easily pick and try out an alternative.

Nearly 60 energy companies compete in the UK energy market. It might be challenging to choose the best energy source for your home when there are so many alternatives available.

There are a few different factors you may want to take into account while selecting the finest energy provider for your house. To choose the best energy supplier for your requirements, we advise you to set your priorities before comparing energy programs.

Are you more interested in finding the tariff with the best deal, or are you more worried about getting dependable customer service? Perhaps you care about protecting the environment and want to choose a green energy provider.

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Who is the cheapest energy supplier in UK 2022?

Best energy companies

Company Customer score Customer service (online or phone) Payment accuracy Statement clarity Value for money Procedures score (max points: 22)
1. Octopus Energy  70%
2. Ovo Energy  69%
=3. So Energy  68%
=3. Utility Warehouse  68%

5. Boost Energy

6. Utilita  63%
7. Outfox the Market  62%
8. Bulb Energy  60%
9. British Gas  58%
10. EDF Energy  56%
=11. Eon  55%
=11 Sainsbury’s Energy  55%
=11. Scottish Power  55%
=11 SSE  55%
15. Shell Energy  53%
16. Eon Next 51%

What makes an energy company the best?

to reach the pinnacle of excellence and be named a Which? In order to qualify as a Recommended Provider, a business must not only rank highly in our yearly customer satisfaction survey but also do well on our special processes evaluation.

These two studies address processes as well as client comments on statement clarity, payment correctness, client service, and value for money.

We also regularly examine and enhance our standards to ensure that we’re evaluating the factors that matter most to clients.

An energy provider has to meet certain requirements to be recognized as a Which? Recommended Provider, must:

  • Have a customer score of at least 70% and rank among the best businesses in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • Have practices that, in our opinion, are ideal for customers. We evaluate energy businesses using a set of 11 criteria that address important aspects of the customer experience, including customer service, accessibility, exit fees, and complaint information. Which? Recommended Providers must do better than average on our processes evaluation.

Top-scoring energy companies

Moving up from second place last year to the top of the list is Octopus Energy.

Ovo Energy, who came in second place, is closely behind after scoring far better than it did in 2017, when it was rated ninth.

Octopus Energy is this year’s sole Which? Recommended Provider (WRP) for energy after taking into consideration other aspects, such as an evaluation of their practices. Octopus Energy has been recognized as a WRP for five years running.

It received the highest grade for payment accuracy and had a large number of clients who had no issues at all in the previous year. In fact, it received the greatest percentage of “excellent” ratings for all four metrics from consumers among all the vendors in our study.

According to our poll, the majority of individuals prioritize price when selecting a new energy provider, thus it should come as no surprise that the highest-scoring energy providers are regarded as offering good value for money by their clients.

But price isn’t everything, and just because customers think an energy supplier is good value for money doesn’t imply it’s the cheapest on the market. Customers still regard Octopus Energy as good value for money despite the fact that it doesn’t always provide the cheapest plans, which suggests that it also proves its worth in other ways.

Lowest-scoring energy companies

In our most recent study, Eon Next received the lowest score and came in last. Considering that Eon Next only debuted in 2020, this was the first time it was a part of our study.

Also receiving dismal marks is Shell Energy. From the previous year, when it was placed 17th out of 25 energy businesses, this is a substantial decline.

The significance of value for money is still demonstrated by our poll. Only Eon Next had a very bad value for money rating in our poll, with one star out of five. While pricing was a concern for the consumers who told us they were “extremely unsatisfied” with Shell Energy.

With only two ratings each, both also performed poorly in terms of customer service. Sadly, these vendors weren’t the only ones to get such a bad review. Scottish Power was the only company to receive only one star, followed by Boost, British Gas, EDF, SSE, and Eon, all of which received two.

Traditional energy companies

Four of the six energy companies that have historically controlled the market for more than half of energy users today are British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, and Scottish Power. SSE used to be one of them, but Ovo now owns the brand. The Big Six included Npower as well, however it stopped operating in 2019 and is currently owned by Eon Next. These businesses frequently appear in the bottom half of our table.

The conventional large companies are rated most favorably this year, with British Gas coming in eighth. Nevertheless, it has a similar customer satisfaction rating to EDF Energy, Eon, SSE, and Scottish Power. Evidently, customers feel that there isn’t much to pick from.

However, in recent years, the old major businesses’ dominance has come under scrutiny. Ovo Energy, the equal second-place finisher overall, is now the second-largest provider and performs significantly better.

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